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What Are the Best Car Door Dent Protectors?

Some of the best products to prevent door dings include Winunite’s Door Edge Protectors and Doorshox’s Standard Door Guards. Other products to help prevent damage to your door include SLiPLO’s Door Sill Protectors, ceramic paint coating, paint protection film, ceramic trim coating. 

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Car Door Jamb Guards for Pets - Prices, Brands, and Features

Getting a car door jamb protector or door sill guard is one of the best ways that you can protect your car from dog scratches. Unless your dog wears little shoes, there is a good chance his nails will come in contact with your door sill’s paint while he’s getting into your vehicle.

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Can Hitting a Speed Bump Fast Damage a Car? (and How to Avoid it)

The purpose of speed bumps is to slow down drivers and make neighborhoods safer and they do this effectively. Still, people have places to go and people to see and sometimes people hit a speed bump a little bit faster than they should. The damage this can do to your vehicle should make hitting speed bumps too quickly not an option, though, even if there are no children at play. If you are driving without any skid plates, the risk from speed bumps is significantly worse.

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