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What Are the Best Bumper Protectors for Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swifts are great subcompact cars, having been loved by many since 2004 until now. A good family car, being reliable and fuel efficient with enough room, it makes sense if you want to protect your Suzuki Swift. One simple, stress free ways to add a layer of protection to your Suzuki Swift is to get a bumper protector. Depending on specifics, your vehicle may be especially vulnerable to paint damage on its underside. While the Maruti Suzuki Swift has a ground clearance of 163 mm or 6.4 inches, 2017-2020 Suzuki Swift 5 doors have a ground clearance of only 119mm or 4.7 inches. Bumper protectors can keep you from scraping your paint or worse when you are pulling into...

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Can Hitting a Speed Bump Fast Damage a Car? (and How to Avoid it)

The purpose of speed bumps is to slow down drivers and make neighborhoods safer and they do this effectively. Still, people have places to go and people to see and sometimes people hit a speed bump a little bit faster than they should. The damage this can do to your vehicle should make hitting speed bumps too quickly not an option, though, even if there are no children at play. If you are driving without any skid plates, the risk from speed bumps is significantly worse.

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