SLiPLO Universal Skid PLate Benefits and Features

Keep Your Car Looking Better Than Ever

Eliminate steep driveway scrapes, parking curb strikes, and deep pothole bumper damage with this new amazing add-on.

SLiPLO universal skid plate is the solution for a protected, pristine bumper. It’s strong, easy to install, and performs as promised to safeguard against damage.


Get Ready to Take On the World
Drive with confidence knowing that your car is protected 
SLiPLO’s proprietary Polyurethane formulation gives our bumper skid plate its durability and protective qualities. It’s the same hard-wearing, high-performance material that’s used on snow plows, designed to deliver high strength, maximum cold-temperature flexibility, and exceptional hydrolysis resistance.



No Drill Solution Allows for Easy Installation

The smart way to protect your bumper

You don’t need to drill, weld, fix rivets, or cure liquid adhesive to fit SLiPLO bumper lip guard on your car! Ultra-strong 3M adhesive means that SLiPLO attaches directly to the under side of your bumper without the need to use any hardware. This really is the ultimate in bumper protection.


Enhance Gliding Properties While Reducing Friction

Smoothly glide over asphalt and reduce scraping noise.

With it’s special foam acrylic adhesive and Easy Glide Polyurethane blend, SLiPLO is incredibly strong, wear resistant and also reduces your vehicles surface friction area by 50% or more. This reduction leads to less surface area coming into contact during impacts which results in better gliding properties and a lot less scraping sound.


 Protect Any Bumper With One Product

Patent pending universal modular design.

The universal one size fits all notched features combined with the proper flexibility of the Polyurethane material have been designed to fit virtually any shaped bumper. The modular feature allows you to combine multiple pieces to cover any size area including bumpers, rockers and other high impact areas.



Huge Benefits – One Simple Bumper Protecting Item

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