What Are the Best Car Door Dent Protectors?

With many places having close parking spaces, unless you want to park at the very back of the parking lot every day, you run the risk of having someone fling their car door into yours.

There are many hazards that your vehicle’s doors have to face on a day to day basis and if you care about your vehicle and your paint, it’s a good idea to figure out ways to protect your car door from scratches and dents.

There are many guards and products on the market meant to protect your vehicle’s doors but this can become overwhelming. The following are some of the best car door dent protectors on the market:



Doorshox Standard Door Guards

One of the best, high quality, door dent guards on the market right now is Doorshox’s Standard Door Guards.

With outstanding reviews and ease of use, this product can alleviate many of your worries regarding door dents. Doorshox’s Standard Door Guards are magnetic and easy to remove.

Choosing a magnetic door dent guard means that you can put them on your doors when you are in a tight spot or an area that you suspect might be a problem, and then you can remove them within seconds if you do not need them. This way, you can protect your vehicle without compromising your vehicle’s resale value because of customization.

Door guards are so effective that they are commonly seen at car dealerships to keep the vehicle in great condition and ready for sale.

This product ensures that while protecting your doors you will not cause any additional damage by covering the magnets with a very soft rubber that will not, and can not, damage your paint.

Since these door dent guards are magnetic and high quality, it may attract the less honest.

To prevent theft, every door guard from Doorshox comes with an easy to use security cable that is attached to the inside of your vehicle’s window with suction. You have to have the key to your vehicle to get this product off.


Unfortunately, this product can not be used with aluminum doors. This is because aluminum is not magnetic.

If your vehicle’s doors are aluminum, you will have to choose another door dent guard that uses a removable adhesive that will not ruin your paint instead.

Winunite Door Edge Guards

Instead of running along the middle of your door to prevent dents like the previous product, Winunite protects the edges of your door.

When you are in a rush, you might misjudge how far away buildings or other vehicles are from yours and open your door a tad too far. This is where this product comes in.

Winunite requires no adhesive, having been designed in such a way that it does not need any. Since it is malleable, it conforms to the shape of your door’s edge and can easily be installed on your front doors, rear doors, back hatch, and even the edge of your hood!

Like the previous product, Winunite is easy to install and removable. It will take mere minutes to get your door edge guards installed to prevent damage to the edge of your doors from impact with other objects.

Although it is not needed, you can make the process even easier than it already is with a rubber mallet.

This product and similar products are only meant for door edges that are of typical thickness. For example, Winunite’s door edge guards are not compatible with Tesla X, Y, or 4, 2018 BMW X5s, nor Firebirds. 

Before purchasing any no-adhesive door edge protector, check to see if it is compatible with your vehicle door edge’s thickness.

Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coating

So far we have prevented dents to the body of your door and it’s edges, but what about unpainted trim that often gets hit? Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coatings seeps into the pores that exist in unpainted trim, hardening it.

The amount of strength that is acquired through Cerakote Ceramic Coatings may be small, but what it does do an amazing job of is keeping contaminants from soaking into your vehicle’s trim making it more brittle.

This coating is hydrophobic, keeping water and any substances that contain water out of your trim, as well as returning your vehicle’s trim to its original factory appearance.

Trim is often the first thing to fade on a vehicle, looking dim and dingy. Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coatings restores your trim to look as if it never faded in the first place and prevents any future fading from the sun.  This product is merely wiped across your trim and is guaranteed to last 200 washes.


Door Sill Protector

The last area we will discuss that should be protected is your door sill. This area is constantly bombarded with shoes, dirt, grime, and other hazards as you enter and exit your vehicle.

SLiPLO provides a solution for this problem without breaking the bank or taking up too much time with its door sill guard.

SLiPLO’s Universal 3D Door Sill Protector DIY Kit prevents scrapes and scuffs to your door’s sill, though it will not protect against heavy impacts.

It is made from XPEL paint protection film, providing top of the line protection to your paint that can be removed, either to be replaced after years of use or because you want to sell your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Paint Coating

If you want invisible protection for your vehicle’s doors, paint protection film and/or ceramic coating may be for you. This option is pricy but can effectively protect your paint against scratches, scuffs, fading, and very light dings.

Although strong impact will still dent your vehicle’s door with this option, scratches and small dings will “self-heal”, making it an attractive choice for many car owners

Not only can both paint protection film and ceramic paint coating be installed on your vehicle’s doors, but it can also be installed on all painted areas of your vehicle.

Wrapping Up

There are many fast and easy ways to protect our vehicle’s from the dangers of the road, such as SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guards. Our vehicle’s doors are at a particularly high risk of getting dented, so getting a dent guard is advisable.

Some of the best products to prevent door dings include Winunite’s Door Edge Protectors and Doorshox’s Standard Door Guards. Other products to help prevent damage to your door include SLiPLO’s Door Sill Protectors, ceramic paint coating, paint protection film, ceramic trim coating.  


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