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Best First Cars Under 10k

  When looking for a first vehicle for someone else or for yourself, there are a couple things to consider. Although it is possible to learn to drive with any vehicle, it is easier if the vehicle isn’t too large and difficult to handle. Smaller vehicles are also easier to park. For most people, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on cost efficiency and shoot for a vehicle that has good MPG and low maintenance cost. Similar to how you may look for the best cars for short senior drivers, depending on the height of the new driver you are going to want to pay attention to if they will have a clear view of the road...

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4 Ways to Protect Your Car from an EMP Attack

Electromagnetic pulses are a natural phenomenon that occur from both coronal mass ejections and lightning strikes. Electromagnetic pulses, also known as EMPs, are bursts of electromagnetic energy that are capable of downing and severely damaging electronic devices and electrical systems. While most people know that lightning strikes can take out your power and cause surges that can damage your electrical devices, plasma and the associated magnetic field that can be ejected from the sun’s corona as a solar flare can cause similar problems, often on a much larger scale. Just like it is a good idea to protect your vehicle’s bumper from the dangers of rocks and curbs with a product like SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit,...

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6 Signs of a Stolen Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are an essential component of your exhaust system that changes highly toxic gasses emitted by your engine into less toxic gasses by promoting redox reactions. One of the interesting facts about the automobile industry is that they utilize a lot of different metals besides steel and aluminum, including rare ones. Rare metals such as rhodium, palladium, and platinum are all found within catalytic converters. Because of a variety of factors, theft of catalytic converters has risen sharply during the coronavirus pandemic. Because of supply line problems, shortages, and an increase in unemployment, more people are turning to less than legal ways to make ends meet. One of these ways include stealing catalytic converters off of vehicles to scrap...

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Top 5 Tesla Model Y Interior Upgrades

The Tesla Model Y’s interior does not disappoint. Having significantly more cargo space and a roomier back seat than the Tesla Model 3, the Model Y is a great option for many prospective car buyers who want an electric vehicle. Despite this vehicle having an interior with a clean appearance and features like reclining back seats, there’s always things you can do to increase your satisfaction with a vehicle’s interior. The following are the top 5 Tesla Model Y interior upgrades and accessories:   1)    Tesla Automatic Garage Opener One interior upgrade that can make a large difference by making life more convenient for you is the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener. Despite its name, the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener is...

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Best Car Theft Protection Kill Switch

We all want to protect our vehicles. Protective measures we may take can include anything from installing SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guards to shield your paint from rock chips on the road to making sure your vehicle is always locked to prevent theft. Sometimes normal protective measures aren’t enough to protect your vehicle, especially from things like theft. If you need to go the extra mile, getting a kill switch for your vehicle is a great idea. Unlike what you have likely seen in movies, theft protection kill switches are meant to prevent your vehicle from working in the event someone tries to steal it, not to kill the engine once it has already been stolen. There are many different...

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