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How Long Does It Take for Sun to Damage Car Paint? (And What to Do About It)

The sun is crucial for our survival. It provides energy to sustain the planet’s plant life, shines down rays to keep us warm, and gives us light to see. Despite how wondrous the sun is, it also can be dangerous and cause skin cancer and sunburns. Just like the sun can damage our skin, the sun can also damage our car’s paint. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are what we must pay special attention to. Ultraviolet A radiation, the type that ages and dries out skin, is the type of ultraviolet radiation that causes cracking and chipping of your vehicle’s paint. Ultraviolet B radiation, on the other hand, causes sunburn in humans, and paint fading for vehicles. Just like we would...

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Is The Tesla Model Y Performance Upgrade Worth It?

Tesla Model Y is a fantastic fully electric vehicle with all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a Tesla vehicle. So that their vehicles can fit the wants and needs of more people, there are different versions of this model such as the Tesla Model Y Performance, the Tesla Model Y Long-Range, and the standard Tesla Model Y. Of course, a Tesla Model Y Performance or Tesla Model Y Long-Range is going to cost you more than the standard version. If you are considering getting the Model Y Performance upgrade, you are likely wondering if it offers enough to justify the cost. The following will overview if the Tesla Model Y Performance Upgrade is worth it: What...

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What's the Best Car Wax for Bug Protection?

Just like how you would install a SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit to protect your bumper from rocks flying through the air on the highway and steep driveways, it is wise to take steps to protect your paint from contaminants including bugs. Many would think that some squished bugs on your hood are no big deal since you can wash them off, but they can actually cause permanent damage to your paint if not removed fast enough. Most insect’s guts are fairly acidic, and this acidity can dissolve your paint’s topcoat or even the paint itself. Although it is unlikely to cause any long-lasting damage if the bug is removed quickly, it’s best to have a protective barrier...

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3 Easy Ways to Protect Car Paint from Fading

Just about anything that goes out into the sun is susceptible to color changes, including our vehicle’s paint. The sun produces different types of ultraviolet radiation, with two of these types, ultraviolet A radiation and ultraviolet B radiation, being of particular importance when it comes to your vehicle’s paint job. Ultraviolet A radiation has a longer wavelength and is the type of UV radiation that is responsible for skin aging. This wavelength of UV radiation can break down components of your paint and dry it out. This results in cracking and chipping. Ultraviolet B’s wavelength, on the other hand, is shorter and is responsible for sunburn. This is the one that causes color alteration on vehicles and other painted surfaces....

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Best Tesla Model 3 Exterior Mods

  Tesla’s Model 3 is a fantastic, fully electric vehicle that is able to travel up to 353 miles per charge. Not only that, but they have amazing safety features as well as a futuristic autopilot. Just because this vehicle is great with its ability to hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.1 seconds and having a top speed of 162 mph while retaining its ecofriendliness, it does not mean that there are not improvements that can be made for protection and aesthetic purposes through exterior modifications. Like all aftermarket parts, some are better suited for certain vehicles while some are of better quality than others. The following overviews the best Tesla Model 3 exterior mods! 1)    ...

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