Top 5 Tesla Model Y Interior Upgrades

The Tesla Model Y’s interior does not disappoint. Having significantly more cargo space and a roomier back seat than the Tesla Model 3, the Model Y is a great option for many prospective car buyers who want an electric vehicle. Despite this vehicle having an interior with a clean appearance and features like reclining back seats, there’s always things you can do to increase your satisfaction with a vehicle’s interior. The following are the top 5 Tesla Model Y interior upgrades and accessories:  

1)    Tesla Automatic Garage Opener

One interior upgrade that can make a large difference by making life more convenient for you is the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener. Despite its name, the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener is not only applicable to garage doors. Instead, it connects your Tesla to up to three radio frequency controlled devices, also known as RF controlled devices. This may include your home security system, lights, garage doors, or even gates.

After purchasing the Tesla Automatic Garage Opener from the Tesla website, the parts will be sent directly to your door. Unfortunately, you can not install the parts yourself. You will need to schedule a service appointment on the Tesla app to have it put together. After you get home and connect it to the RF controlled devices you want your Tesla connected to, you are finished and will be able to control all of them from your vehicle.

2)     TSportline Seat Interior Upgrade Kit

Although there is nothing wrong with the factory seats that come with the Tesla Model Y, if you want to take it a step further and stand out from other Tesla owners, upgrading your seats is a great idea, especially with seat upgrades being one of the 5 ways to make your car interior look luxurious.

The TSportline Tesla Model Y Seat Interior Upgrade Kit Factory Design gives you the ability to change the color of your seats but keep the same factory pattern. TSportline Tesla Model Y Seat Interior Upgrade comes in tan, black, brown, red, tan, cream, grey, tangerine, and ocean blue.

Not only do they offer several different colors, but you can also choose between leather or a “vegan” option that is completely synthetic. Besides factory design, there are three more patterns available by TSportline. These include an insignia design, an insignia with perforation design, and a signature diamond quilt design.

If this Tesla seat upgrade sounds good to you, make sure to check that there is a TSportline approved installer in your area, since the new seats will need to be installed by one. This seat upgrade is not just seat covers that can be put on and removed at home. Instead, it completely replaces your Model Y’s seats, both the front seats and the rear seat (second row). This being said, it does not affect factory heated seats. Even once replaced these features will continue to work.

3)     RPM Tesla Model Y Door Sill Covers

Just like how you would protect the outer section of your Tesla’s door sill with a product like STEProtect Universal 3D Door Sill Protector DIY Kit, it is a good idea to protect the inner portion of your Tesla’s door sill. With shoes going over this area regularly, it is important to protect it.

RPM Tesla Model Y Door Sill Protectors not only protect the inner portion of your Tesla’s door sill, but it also protects the plastic base of your Model Y’s back seat, going all the way up to the cushion. Including 4 pieces to protect each door sill, this product is resistant to markings and scuffs from your shoes or even luggage bags.

Unlike the first two upgrades on this list, you can install RPM Tesla Model Y Door Sill Covers yourself at home. In fact, it’s very easy. First, put it on to make sure you like it before installation. If you are okay with how it looks, clean the area thoroughly to prepare it for the adhesive. This product has pressure sensitive adhesive, so after peeling back the tape seal, make sure to press it on with adequate pressure to make sure it makes the best bond possible.

4)     RPM Model Y Display Shade Cover Frame

When the sun comes into your Tesla at just the right angle, it can become difficult to see the display screen. Another great product by RPM is their Model Y Display Shade Cover Frame. If you find yourself having a hard time making out your speed or other needed information while driving your Tesla Model Y, this cover frame will greatly increase the shade on the display screen so you can see while maintaining the clean aesthetic of your Tesla.

Being so affordable and easy to install and remove, there’s no reason to not give it a try. To install the RPM Model Y Display Shade Cover Frame, no hardware or adhesive is used. You simply hook the cover over the top of the display screen and pull down until it snaps onto the bottom. Not only does it take only a couple seconds to install, but it is also just as fast and easy to remove.

5)     TAPTES Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover

The center console of your Tesla Model Y is one of the areas that get a lot of interaction. The more an area of your vehicle is interacted with, the more likely damage becomes. The TAPTES Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover is one way that you can mitigate this risk while keeping your Model Y’s interior looking great.

Along with the 6 cool car interior cleaning tips and tricks you should know, it is a good idea to try to protect surfaces in your Model Y. The TAPTES Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover protects the center console from marks, scratches, fingerprints, and contaminants that may be detrimental for the longevity of your center console. Installation in simple, and the cover is easy to clean. Made of real carbon fiber, this center console cover will give your interior a sporty look.  

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