Best Car Theft Protection Kill Switch

We all want to protect our vehicles. Protective measures we may take can include anything from installing SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guards to shield your paint from rock chips on the road to making sure your vehicle is always locked to prevent theft. Sometimes normal protective measures aren’t enough to protect your vehicle, especially from things like theft. If you need to go the extra mile, getting a kill switch for your vehicle is a great idea.

Unlike what you have likely seen in movies, theft protection kill switches are meant to prevent your vehicle from working in the event someone tries to steal it, not to kill the engine once it has already been stolen. There are many different types of kill switches, including fuel line valves, car battery disconnects, fuse box kill switches, and ignition kill switches. With many options for each type of kill switch, it can get difficult to decide which is best for you. For most people in Los Angeles who want to prevent theft of their daily driver, KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control will have you covered!

Remote Controlled

Many kill switches for vehicles are a real pain to turn on and off. For example, fuel line kill switches have a knob under the vehicle you have to manually turn to shut off the valve so that fuel can not get to the engine. If you have one of the 7 leanest, fastest Lexus cars on the road, it is unlikely you are going to want to get dirty and go under your vehicle every time you park in a questionable area and need to prevent car theft.

KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control is a car battery disconnect switch. This type of kill switch is better for daily drivers since you do not need to go under the vehicle. That being said, you generally have to open the hood to turn it on and off. Unfortunately, this can still be inconvenient and alerts others to the fact you have a kill switch installed on your vehicle. Luckily, KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control allows you to move the switch from under the hood to in your hand.

This battery disconnect kill switch comes with a sleek remote control that can easily be placed on your keychain. Being about the same size as a keychain alarm system transmitter, no one will notice you turning your kill switch on and off. Not only does the remote control allow you to be discrete and not go through a hassle to activate the kill switch, but it can also be used from inside of your house since it has a 160-foot range.


This theft prevention device, although sophisticated, is within most people’s budget. Costing well under $100 dollars, this product is well worth it. On average, only around 60% of stolen cars are recovered, and not all of the recovered stolen vehicles are in the condition they were stolen in. Many are totaled in police chases, wrecked, or otherwise damaged. This is one easy, affordable way to prevent this from happening to you and your vehicle.


Not all kill switches are easy to install on every car. Ignition kill switches, which is a switch that completes or breaks the circuit to your ignition, are not always simple to install. Even though this option allows you to hide your kill switch in a discrete way, you will need to have a wiring diagram for your specific vehicle and be extra careful to not cut the wrong wire.

On the other hand, no matter if you have an older Ford truck or one of the 6 most expensive Mercedes Benz cars in the world, this battery disconnect kill switch is applicable to you. So long as your vehicle has a 12V DC power system, you can use KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control. Best of all, you do not need a wiring diagram for your vehicle to figure out how to install this kill switch.

Of course, this is not the product for you if you have an electric or hybrid vehicle. Electric vehicles require two interdependent batteries, and this product was not created for use with this system. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, you should ask you dealership what anti-theft measures are recommended and if they have any applicable kill switches to suggest.


One of the problems with a lot of battery disconnect kill switches, especially ones that are remote controlled, is that they often stop working shortly after installation. Luckily, that is not the case with KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control. This remote-controlled battery disconnect kill switch has a lifetime use of 50,000 times!

This is fantastic given that competing remote control battery disconnect kill switches are known to stop working months or even days after installation. With KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control, if you used it 4 times a day, every day without a break, this remote-controlled battery disconnect kill switch would last for over 34 years. This is incredible durability for this type of product.

Includes Everything

You will not need to purchase additional materials to install this battery disconnect kill switch. KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control comes with the remote control, remote receiver relay with wiring cable, electromagnetic car battery switch with wiring cables, and the manual all inside of the retail packaging.

Although the manual thoroughly explains the installation process and all required materials are included, if you are not very confident, it is best to have this battery disconnect kill switch installed at a reputable auto shop. Even though the folks down at KTNNKG are happy to help and are quick to respond, sometimes it is best for someone who is physically there to install a kill switch. That way it takes up less time and is less of a hassle. On the other hand, if you have experience or the instructions are easy for you to understand, this project is appropriate for home installation.


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