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What Are the Best Bumper Protectors for Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swifts are great subcompact cars, having been loved by many since 2004 until now. A good family car, being reliable and fuel efficient with enough room, it makes sense if you want to protect your Suzuki Swift. One simple, stress free ways to add a layer of protection to your Suzuki Swift is to get a bumper protector. Depending on specifics, your vehicle may be especially vulnerable to paint damage on its underside. While the Maruti Suzuki Swift has a ground clearance of 163 mm or 6.4 inches, 2017-2020 Suzuki Swift 5 doors have a ground clearance of only 119mm or 4.7 inches. Bumper protectors can keep you from scraping your paint or worse when you are pulling into...

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What Are the Best Car Door Dent Protectors?

Some of the best products to prevent door dings include Winunite’s Door Edge Protectors and Doorshox’s Standard Door Guards. Other products to help prevent damage to your door include SLiPLO’s Door Sill Protectors, ceramic paint coating, paint protection film, ceramic trim coating. 

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Car Door Jamb Guards for Pets - Prices, Brands, and Features

Getting a car door jamb protector or door sill guard is one of the best ways that you can protect your car from dog scratches. Unless your dog wears little shoes, there is a good chance his nails will come in contact with your door sill’s paint while he’s getting into your vehicle.

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