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Best Front Bumper Protector for Dodge Charger

Have you been thinking about what will happen if you scrape the bottom of your Dodge Charger and how to avoid it?  There are various skid plates and paint protection options out there that can help you to avoid this dilemma, but the best protection for the most scrape-vulnerable area of your Dodge Charger is SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard.

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What Are the Most Popular SLiPLO Alternatives?

Built from premium quality polyurethane (PU), SLiPLO is a bumper protection solution that safeguards the underside of bumpers and vehicles. As a universal fit item, it easily installs under any type of car and protects its bumper and underbody from scratches, bumps, and impacts on the road. With a discreet fit that goes under the bumper and doesn’t affect the vehicle’s looks, SLiPLO has become quite popular among all types of car owners. Whether you have a basic sedan or a luxury sports car, SLiPLO can ensure to protect your bumper with its durable material, easy installation, and affordable price point. But whether you want to choose from a larger pool of products or need to make side-by-side comparisons, you...

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How Much Does a Car Skid Plate Cost?

The protective plate that you purchase for your gas tank will not be of the same price as the covering for your transmission. Similarly, the cover you buy for your transmission will not mirror the expenses of one that goes on your oil pan. In addition to that, the type of material you choose also has an influence on the overall cost.

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