What Are the Most Popular SLiPLO Alternatives?

Built from premium quality polyurethane (PU), SLiPLO is a bumper protection solution that safeguards the underside of bumpers and vehicles. As a universal fit item, it easily installs under any type of car and protects its bumper and underbody from scratches, bumps, and impacts on the road.

With a discreet fit that goes under the bumper and doesn’t affect the vehicle’s looks, SLiPLO has become quite popular among all types of car owners. Whether you have a basic sedan or a luxury sports car, SLiPLO can ensure to protect your bumper with its durable material, easy installation, and affordable price point.

But whether you want to choose from a larger pool of products or need to make side-by-side comparisons, you might want to see alternative options to SLiPLO. To help make your search easier, here’s a detailed list of products that fall in the same category of bumper protectors.


Yescom Universal Carbon Fiber Bumper Lip Protector

As a carbon fiber strip, the Yescom Universal Bumper Lip Protector is a more affordable but less effective substitute for SLiPLO. Since it comes in the form of a long strip that’s a little over 8ft in size, it’s a universal fit product that can be installed on most cars.

This protector is available in a patterned, black and gray design. Since it installs at the edge of the bumper, this is something that is visible to anyone who takes a look at your car.

At $15.95, the Yescom Universal Bumper Lip Protector is priced lower than SLiPLO. This difference shows through various aspects of the protector.

For one, it is not made from PU but rubber, which makes it less durable as compared to SLiPLO. Second, it does not come in the form of a pre-cut segment and needs to be cut and trimmed from scratch, which adds more steps to its fitting. Third, its installation process requires drilling, which is not as easy as SLiPLO’s paste-and-go mechanism.

With that being said, the Yescom protector does hold up to the expectations that its price point sets in your mind. It might not be the best bumper protector out there, but it gets the job done against the cost that you pay for it.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly solution with just-enough durability, the Yescom protector might be exactly what you want. But if your goal is to leave no stones unturned for your car’s protection, it’s better to look elsewhere and explore further options.


Lemonbest Universal Front Bumper Lip Protector

Another flag bearer for affordability, the Lemonbest Universal Front Bumper Lip Protector also sets itself apart from SLiPLO with its pricing as well as usability features.

The Lemonbest protector comes in the form of a strip, and needs to be adjusted before it can be installed on your car. However, this also makes it an ideal fit for all types of cars.

Similar to other products in its price point, the Lemonbest protector also installs at the edge of the bumper. But unlike most products, it has a sleek black exterior.

Priced at $15.99, the 8.2ft strip is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), specifically TPVC rubber. This makes it a less-durable material than SLiPLO’s PU, but also remains on par with other products that are available at this cost.

When it comes to the installation process, Lemonbest does fare better than other competitors of SLiPLO. As such, it doesn’t need any screws or drilling to be installed properly. The adhesive that comes with the product does a good job of putting the protector on the car. With that being said, the process is a bit more tedious than SLiPLO.

If you want to cut costs, can compromise on optimal protection, and don’t mind changing your protector every few months, you can go ahead with installing Lemonbest under your bumper.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality or effectiveness of your bumper protector, you should look into other alternatives.

HiwowSport Universal Front Bumper Spoiler Lips Guard Protection

The HiwowSport Universal Front Bumper Lips Guard is yet another entrant in the typical bumper protector category. However, it stands out with its even lower price than other competitors in its area.

The HiwowSport protector is available for the price of $12.99, which makes it one of the cheapest bumper protectors available in the market. Since it comes in the form of an 8.2ft strip that needs to be cut, trimmed, and adjusted, it has a universal fit mechanism.

With its TPVC rubber material, the protector is less sturdy than SLiPLO. This also affects its shock absorption and safety features and doesn’t safeguard your vehicle as ideally as you may want.

The material itself is fashioned in a black color, which gives it a good visual fit when installed against the bumper’s edge of any car. The installation itself is a bit tricky and needs you to optimal attention to detail throughout the process.

With that being said, the installation procedure doesn’t typically require any drilling or screws. The strip itself has an adhesive backing, which lets you fit it on your vehicle without sporting advanced auto body skills.

With these features, the HiwowSport strip proves itself as a straightforward solution for a pressing problem. But it does leave a lot to be desired when it comes to delivering extensive protection. On the other hand, SLiPLO can reduce the contact of your bumper by a whopping 50 percent.

Keeping these points in mind, you should consider all factors before purchasing the HiwowSport protector strip. If you have some cash to spare, don’t hesitate to look for other options that offer better protection.

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Other Alternatives Often Don’t Live Up to Expectations


Since SLiPLO is purpose-built for bumper protection, takes a subversive design approach with its product, and uses premium quality materials in its production, there are not many protectors out there that can stand on par with what it brings to the table.

If you can easily afford a bumper protector at $99.95, you should give SLiPLO a chance. Otherwise, you can choose other options that are lighter on your pocket.

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