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What Are the Most Popular SLiPLO Alternatives?

Built from premium quality polyurethane (PU), SLiPLO is a bumper protection solution that safeguards the underside of bumpers and vehicles. As a universal fit item, it easily installs under any type of car and protects its bumper and underbody from scratches, bumps, and impacts on the road. With a discreet fit that goes under the bumper and doesn’t affect the vehicle’s looks, SLiPLO has become quite popular among all types of car owners. Whether you have a basic sedan or a luxury sports car, SLiPLO can ensure to protect your bumper with its durable material, easy installation, and affordable price point. But whether you want to choose from a larger pool of products or need to make side-by-side comparisons, you...

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Finding a Skid Plate for Lowered Cars? Keep These Points in Mind

If you drive a car with a lowered height or if you are in the process of buying one, then you may have received some advice on finding a skid plate for lowered cars. There are quite a few reasons for that. In the world of automobiles, skid plates are considered an underrated yet crucial part of a car. Due to the way they are built, they optimally cover a vehicle’s underbody and all the components that are installed within it. As a result, they protect your car’s undercarriage from impacts against the road or external objects. This saves your vehicle from unnecessary damage, and lets you steer clear from safety hazards. While skid plates are important for any type...

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