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Bumper Skid Plate Review Told by a Professional Installer

I like to drive fast. What can I say it’s the truth. I also like expensive cars, also the truth. Fortunately, I own 3 body shops in Tulsa and the guys that work for me don’t care whether they work on a customer’s car or mine. Also, they’re good guys, like family to me, and they know the deal. Most of the damage I do is pretty minor stuff. Now, a scrape here or scratch there would ordinarily be no big deal, but with me it’s all the time. In fact, my guys have created an office pool based on how many days in a month I’ll say, “Hey boys, can you take a look at this?” The average is...

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Is Your Ferrari Skid Plate Effective Like This?

  Thank God for Dr. Scrape. I call him “the ghost” because he somehow appears when you need him most and then is gone before you can say thank you. I honestly think he may have saved my marriage. How you ask? Well, you wouldn’t think that someone who could afford a Ferrari would need his wife’s approval before he get’s one, but here I am. OK, approval’s the wrong word. Actually my wife is great and I love her very much. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite understand why with 2 kids in college and 2 more a few years away, I’d want to spend $252,800 on a car. Fair point. Even more so when you consider that I managed to...

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How My Tesla Skid Plate Saved More Than My Weekend

My life changed forever the day I met Dr. Scrape. Yes my training was long and arduous, but I no longer fear the villainous driveway known as “Paint-killer”. In fact, I’ve been triumphant over Paint-killer for at least a month now. How have I accomplished such a brave and stunning victory? By employing the secret tool of Dr Scrape’s dojo, the Tesla Skid Plate onto my Tesla Model X “Sir Lanced-A-lot”. Are you intrigued? Well stay tuned it’s a great story. Let’s start from the beginning.   Meeting Dr. Scrape It all began on a relatively typical workday at a mostly typical restaurant having a very typical lunch and conversation with a friend. Of course what happened next was not...

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