Mercedes Skid Plate Stops Driveways Scrapes

Hey guys, I’ve got something to complain about today and it's not about my new Mercedes skid plate. Now I know what you’re going to say, “there’s enough craziness in the world, I don’t need to listen to you telling me about your problems.” I actually agree with that, but this annoying story has a happy ending and a recommendation along with it. Interested yet? Now, as you know, I’m a fellow car junkie. I love my car and seriously can’t sleep at night if there’s anything wrong with it. It literally calls out to me from under its cover in my garage. Weird right? I’m the guy who takes his car to the body shop the same day he gets a door ding. It sucks to be this obsessed. Anyway, let’s move on to my story.


My Problem

A few months ago I bought my 2018 Mercedes GTR. It’s a great car by the way, I highly recommend taking a look at it if you’re in the market. The first two weeks were driving bliss. The only issue is that like many luxury sports cars, it rides pretty low. You know what comes next. I scratched and scraped my way over potholes, high curbs and dips in the road. After the second time at the dealership, I had enough. Here comes the happy part of the story. I went into my usual chat-rooms to moan about my misfortune and a regular there told me about a new bumper guard that’s well priced and protects the bottom of your bumper scratches. Of course, I started asking questions. “What does it look like when it’s installed? How long will they have my car? Will they have to drill into my bumper?” It turns out I could drop my car off in the morning and pick it up after lunch. Fantastic! How do they install it so quickly? Well, there’s no drilling at all. This was all I needed to hear.

Mercedes skid plate

My Solution

So what’s the name of this miracle bumper guard? It’s called the “SLIPLO Mercedes skid plate” and no kidding, it’s every bit as good as my friend in the chatroom said it was. I haven’t been back to the dealership since and now, for the most part, I drive stress free. Thus the happy ending to my story and my hearty recommendation. Thank you to the makers of the “Sliplo Bumper Skid Plate” from one car enthusiast to what I assume is another. I love your product.

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