Mclaren Skid Plate Customer Review by SLIPLO

Mclaren Skid Plate

Hi, my name’s Jared and I’m guest writing this blog today because I think I have a topic that everyone can relate to and well, I’m pissed off. Why? I’ll tell you in one word, rust. Now, I’m not angry at the rust per say, nor really anyone other than myself. This is a problem of my own making. Let me start from the beginning. A while back I bought an Mclaren 720S for, well let’s just say a lot of money. I’m all about this car it’s amazing! Anyway, the first time I scratched up the bumper I drove straight to the body shop. It cost me a little under $3k.


That didn’t make me happy, but I didn’t want to play around and the car came out looking flawless. The second time I scratched up the bumper it was totally my fault. I was showing off for a new girl I was dating and drove way too fast into a steep driveway and bottomed out the car. Obviously, there’s nothing unhealthy about my ego. Well, this time I looked at the damage and because it was mostly on the underside of the bumper, I decided it wasn’t crucial to take it in right away. I forgot about the consequences. I don’t know why. Maybe because Sarah was in the car or I was still upset at the 3 grand I spent last time. Regardless, I waited to take it into the shop. Can you guess what happened next? Well, I gave you a big clue, but here it is, the scratches in the bumper started to rust. I of course didn’t see it until about 2 weeks later, but there it was. Back to the shop I went.

Mclaren Bumper Scrape Guard

Now, I know you’re wondering if there’s a point to all this. You’re in luck, there’s actually two points. The first is obvious, don’t give a scratch, scrape or dent time to rust! The second point is about what happened after and the real reason I’m writing this today. As I said at the beginning, I was pissed. It was very clear to me that if I wanted to keep my car in pristine shape, I would be heading to the body shop a lot. Frankly, I waited too long to buy a car like this so I did my research and found a solution.

Mclaren bumper guard

It’s called the Sliplo Universal Skid Plate and it’s already saved me thousands of dollars. OK, here’s the deal. It’s installed meticulously with an adhesive so there’s no drilling and it protects underneath my bumper from scrapes and scratches. I rolled over a pothole at 50 just the other day and not a scratch! Thank God, my Mclaren skid plate has saved me from myself. The moral of the story is, learn from my mistakes. Don’t spend thousands when hundreds will do.


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