I Stand By My Lamborghini Skid Plate By Sliplo

lamborghini skid plate

My earliest recollections of Dr. Scrape were back in 1978. I was just 8 years old. My older cousins would tell me tales of a mystical figure who lived in the hills and worked on the most beautiful cars ever made. Now, I loved cars even at a young age. Many long summer days would be spent reading Hot Rod magazine and playing with Hot Wheels. If you’d said to me back then that one day I would own a Lamborghini and be an apprentice to Dr. Scrape himself, I’d have said you were crazy. Well sit back, relax and let me tell you the story of a dream that came true and an invention called the Lamborghini bumper scrape guard .

An Obsession

By the time I was 13, I was obsessed with finding this Dr. Scrape I kept hearing about. I finally convinced my cousins to head into the hills with me. We packed up sodas and snacks, my mom would only give me pretzels even though I craved twinkies, and we set off. The excitement was palpable. Images of the most beautiful vintage hotrods filled our minds. My oldest cousin Jeff bragged that he would convince Dr. Scrape to let him drive one. My other cousin Kevin and I knew he didn’t have a prayer, but on the off chance it happened, we didn’t want to blow our ride along. So, we kept quiet and walked while Jeff talked. After a few hours, Kevin was getting bored and wanted to head home. It was getting late and dinner would be ready soon anyway. Just as we were about to turn back, we saw him. Dr. Scrape was working alone. His shop was fenced in, but sitting in the middle of the garage was the most beautiful GTO I’d ever seen. Dr. Scrape seemed perplexed and stared at the car as if it was a puzzle to be finished. I had to get a closer look.

The Adventure

The three of us followed the fence line to where we were only 20 feet away and watched as Dr. Scrape stood and thought. Suddenly, he peered at us as if he knew exactly what we were thinking, but instead of being angry, he smiled and waved us over. I didn’t hesitate. I quickly found the gate and ran up to Dr. Scrape with Jeff and Kevin in tow. “Hi boys. I’m Dr. Scrape. I’m having a problem, do you think you can help me?” We looked at each other as if he spoke another language. He needed our help? Jeff recovered first, “Sure, what do you need?” Dr. Scrape continued, “I want to devise a way to protect this car so it looks new always, no matter where it drives. Any ideas?” I probably don’t need to tell you that the looks on our faces screamed, “We have no idea!” I’m not sure what finally gave me the courage to speak, but I opened my mouth and words actually came out. “Well, if it’s stuff from the road that’s messing the car up,” I pondered, “Maybe you can raise the car up so it doesn’t reach.” I froze waiting for any sign from Dr. Scrape that what I said wasn’t ridiculous. To my surprise, Dr. Scrape smiled. “That’s interesting,” he said. “You boys better head home before it gets dark. Come back anytime.” We raced home buoyed by our successful adventure and the prospect of journeying back to Dr. Scrape and his shop. Over the next few years we visited Dr. Scrape many times. I even became his assistant. He taught me so many things about hot rods and fancy modern cars. At one point we even worked on a Delorean, which back then was a big deal on account of the Back to the Future movies. Anyway, I worked alongside Dr. Scrape right up until I left for college in 1988.

Lambo Bumper Skid plate

Lamborghini Skid Plate

30 years had passed since the days of working with Dr. Scrape and I still thought of his lessons often. Six months ago I bought my dream car, an Aventador Lamborghini and I knew I’d have to find Dr. Scrape. I drove back to my hometown, through the winding roads and up to the shop where I spent much of my adolescent years. Although time had passed, Dr. Scrape still was much as I’d remembered him. After a warm greeting he said simply, “Drive the car in. I want to show you something.” Dr. Scrape raised my Lamborghini up, prepped the underside of the front bumper and installed what he called the Lamborghini Skid Plate. It was an impressive process. Dr. Scrape applied the Skid Plate without even drilling into the car. After he was done Dr. Scrape reminisced. “Remember when we first met and you said to raise the car up to protect it? I never forgot that.” I was blown away and very touched. I’m very proud and happy to say that ever since Dr. Scrape installed the Lamborghini Skid Plate, the very expensive paint job has been protected from scrapes and scratches. Never forget where you come from and who helped you along the way.

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