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Is Your Ferrari Skid Plate Effective Like This?

  Thank God for Dr. Scrape. I call him “the ghost” because he somehow appears when you need him most and then is gone before you can say thank you. I honestly think he may have saved my marriage. How you ask? Well, you wouldn’t think that someone who could afford a Ferrari would need his wife’s approval before he get’s one, but here I am. OK, approval’s the wrong word. Actually my wife is great and I love her very much. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite understand why with 2 kids in college and 2 more a few years away, I’d want to spend $252,800 on a car. Fair point. Even more so when you consider that I managed to...

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How My Tesla Skid Plate Saved More Than My Weekend

My life changed forever the day I met Dr. Scrape. Yes my training was long and arduous, but I no longer fear the villainous driveway known as “Paint-killer”. In fact, I’ve been triumphant over Paint-killer for at least a month now. How have I accomplished such a brave and stunning victory? By employing the secret tool of Dr Scrape’s dojo, the Tesla Skid Plate onto my Tesla Model X “Sir Lanced-A-lot”. Are you intrigued? Well stay tuned it’s a great story. Let’s start from the beginning.   Meeting Dr. Scrape It all began on a relatively typical workday at a mostly typical restaurant having a very typical lunch and conversation with a friend. Of course what happened next was not...

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