6 Advantages of Auto Door Jamb Protectors

6 Advantages of Auto Door Jamb Protectors

A door jamb is one of the most critical yet one of the most overlooked parts of an automobile.

At first glance, it is simply the part between a car’ door frame and its interior structure. But it plays the critical role of sealing the car from external elements and keeping its door in place.

Despite their crucial function, auto door jambs can often fall prey to friction. Since we open and close our car’s doors countless times, the constant impact can affect the door jamb if proper protection isn’t in place. This can render the door jambs ineffective. It also makes way for a world of issues for your car’s functionality and structure.

That’s why, it’s critical that you invest in auto door jamb protectors. It not only keeps your door jambs safe, but also protects your overall investment in your vehicle.

To understand why these accessories are important and how they can help your car, here are 6 advantages of auto door jamb protectors.

1. Reduces Pressure

Whenever you close your car’s door, it creates pressure on your door frame and the car’s main structure. If you have kids, the effort they take to close the car door can make this pressure twofold. As a result, your car becomes prone to overtime damage that comes with frequent usage.

Door jamb protectors are mostly made out of heavy duty vinyl or other soft material. This allows them to act as a cushioning material to your door frame and car’s structure.

Due to this quality, door jamb protectors can offer ideal shock absorption for your car. No matter the type of car you drive, this quality can allow you to protect your door frame, your door sill, and your car’s connecting structure.

Reducing this pressure ensures that your car is free from the effects of overtime impact, such as visual damage to the body. This way, you can maintain your car’s showroom appearance.

Additionally, this reduced pressure in over time usage lets you stay away from auto body repairs. This also allows you to get the most resale value out of your car without having to get repeated maintenance jobs.

2. Reduces Scratches and Paint Chips

Apart from pressure reduction, auto jamb door jamb protectors also allow you to reduce scratches and paint chips from your car’s body. This is caused by the reduction of pressure defined above. But the prevention of sudden impact against the car’s body also plays a big part.

When you install auto door jamb protectors on your car, they become the first point of contact between your car’s door frame and its main structure. This way, any impact that would otherwise be induced on your car is absorbed by these special protectors.

Since your car’s body doesn’t get the brunt of the impact, this keeps it safe from experiencing any damage to its exterior. Scratches and paint chips to door jambs become a thing of the past.

With the cushioning effect that door jamb protectors bring to the table, you are also able to open your door with optimal pressure. This prevents your door frame from zooming right into other cars that are parked nearby. This also helps you prevent auto body damage to your car as well as other vehicles.

3. Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Overtime damage to your car’s door jambs can often lead you to experience issues that are bigger than a scratch or two. When your door jambs have scratches or chipped paint, these minute issues can often expose your auto body to larger risks such as rust and corrosion.

It’s because when your car’s body doesn’t have a protective layer of paint on it, it is more likely to experience oxidation. If you don’t address these problems right away, the bare surface of your car’s auto body can start deteriorating.

But that’s not all. These issues can also spread over time and grow past your door jamb. This can create a plethora of issues for you to deal with and lead you down a path of repairs.

Since auto door jamb protectors reduce impact as well as paint chips and scratches, they are quite effective at preventing rust and corrosion. Installing these specialized protectors is all that you need in order to steer clear from these problematic issues.

Keeping this in mind, many vehicle owners opt to install these auto door jamb protectors to save themselves from the hassles of facing rust and corrosion. If you don’t want your vehicle to experience these issues, choosing these protectors is the way to go.

4. Reduces Noise

Whether you have kids or pets, the loud noise of your car’s door slamming against your vehicle’s structure can trigger a sense of fear in them. If you are often in the driving seat to get your family or friends from point A to point B, this noise can be fairly irritating to your peace of mind.

The noise mainly takes place when the door jamb doesn’t have an additional protective layer between itself and the car’s door frame. This can cause a strong impact against the door and make way for the loud sound.

Some vehicle owners have to put up with the problem by thinking that there is no cure to it. But nothing could be further from the truth. The solution is as easy as installing auto door jamb protectors.

Since these protectors reduce pressure and absorb impact, they are also exceptional at curbing the noise level that originates from closing a car’s door too hard. The best part? You don’t even have to upgrade to a special model of such a protector. High quality protectors that are made with heavy duty material come with this feature by default.

5. Improves Performance

With the qualities of impact reduction, easier handling, and damage prevention, auto door jamb protectors give your car’s performance a significant boost.

When you install these protectors on your car’s door jamb, you can of course see the visual advantages in terms of a pristine exterior. The absence of paint chips, rust, and corrosion doesn’t only look good, but also lets your doors function without any issues. Since these protectors keep larger damage at bay, your door frame and door jambs are able to keep external elements such as dust and rain water out of your vehicle.

But the benefits don’t stop there. With door jamb protectors, you are also able to open and close your car’s door with significantly more ease. Additionally, this performance improvement also shines through the aforementioned noise prevention feature. This provides you with a smoother experience before and after each drive.

Overall, adding this simple accessory to your car lets you enjoy a peace of mind that doesn’t come with many other enhancements at the same price point. This is one of the many reasons why door jamb protectors hold prominence as a sought after addition to cars of all types and sizes.

6. Controls Costs

Installing auto door jambs in your car doesn’t only come cheap, but also provides you with various value added benefits. Apart from giving you the peace of mind of retaining your car’s looks and improving its performance, these specialized protectors also help you keep your overtime expenses in control.

When you don’t have to shell out costs for premium paint jobs or foot the massive bill of auto body repair tasks, this automatically provides you with a way to save your hard earned money. Having more control over your door also prevents damages to other cars, and saves you the hassle of going through claiming insurance to cover for such expenses.

As defined above, auto door jamb protectors are not expensive to install. Typically, you don’t even need a mechanic to do this job for you. But when you would rather not work on your car or don’t have the time to do so, their installation doesn’t cost more than a few bucks at a time.

This ensures that you can enjoy optimal efficiency and peace of mind while reducing your car maintenance costs by a large margin. It is perhaps the biggest reason why so many car owners put an emphasis on obtaining these protective accessories for their vehicles.

Where Can You Find Auto Door Jamb Protectors?

Auto door jamb protectors come in a universal fit, which lets you use any high quality protector on practically any car you want. These protectors are available from any credible auto body shop, and can also be found online through specialized vendors.

This makes it easier for you to obtain these protectors at your own terms. By finding high quality material from trustworthy sellers, you can ensure that you are making the right choice in protecting your car from external elements and unavoidable force.

At Sliplo, we make it a point to help you find the ideal auto door jamb protectors for your vehicle. With our selection and services, you can easily find a protector that is the right fit for you.

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