Best Pickup Door Sill Protector

When it comes to protecting your pickup truck, you have your work cut out for you. With rough use and off road trips, you need to take care of more than a few factors to keep your vehicle good as new.

Investing into door sill protectors is a critical part of this approach.

Purpose-built to protect your door sill from heavy foot traffic, abrasions, and external elements, these products help you maintain your pickup’s appearance on a long-term basis. By becoming a seamless part of your auto body, they easily prevent paint chips, scratches, and scuffs that can damage your door sill with regular use.

The best part? Installing and even purchasing these protectors is as simple as it could be. With plenty of options at your disposal, you can easily choose something that fits your needs while also being in line with your budget.

To help you through this decision, here’s a lowdown on the best pickup door sill protectors that you can get for your precious vehicle.

Before You Browse Through the Product Options

No matter the brand of pickup truck you have, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing pickup door sill protectors.

Door sill protectors come in several variations. The main difference in these products comes from their material, their built, and their overall compatibility with vehicles.

Understanding these finer points helps you pick the best option for your pickup according to your preferences.


Some door sill protectors are made from heavy duty rubber. Whereas, others use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic or vinyl. A few door sill protectors also use carbon fiber, while others are made from transparent PVC such as paint protection film (PPF).

These door sill protectors look different from each other, but their ultimate goal is to deliver the utmost protection for your car’s auto body and protect it from wear and tear. This is why, almost all of them check out in the performance department when made by a reliable vendor.

This means that the actual choice of picking between these materials depends upon how it looks against your vehicle. If you want your protectors to be visible while you get in and out of your pickup, you can go with a translucent material such as rubber or carbon fiber. On the other hand, if you want to go with a barely-noticeable protector, you can choose the transparent PPF.


Some door sill protectors are specifically made for select pickups, while others are manufactured to be a universal fit.

Going with a protector that is especially made for your vehicle often comes with the added perk of monogrammed products. This adds to its visual compatibility factor.

On the other hand, going with a universal fit protector sets you free of worrying about finding products made for your specific pickup. This gives you more choice and accessibility in choosing between different options. This is why, some of the best pickup door sill protectors come in the form of universal fit products.


Most protectors that are built for specific vehicles come in pre-segmented pieces. As such, they are already styled to fit separate door sills and don’t need you to perform additional cutting in order to fit to your door sill properly. Some universal fit protectors also fulfill this requirement, but often need to be slightly trimmed for specific vehicles.

On the other hand, most PPF protectors need to be cut according to the size of your door sill. While this adds more steps to the installation process, it also provides you with more flexibility and makes it compatible with every kind of pickup vehicle.

Overall, this factor decides how easy of an installation process you want for your door sill protector. This factor is important if you want to carry out the installation by yourself. But it doesn’t matter as much if you are looking to get the procedure done by a professional.

With these points in mind, let’s look at the best pickup door sill protectors.

Best Overall: XPEL Universal Door Sill Guard

When it comes to protecting a vehicle’s body from scratches, scuffs, and abrasions, XPEL’s name stands tall as one of the primary PPF brands. With this in mind, it’s no surprise to see that the brand also excels in providing universal door sill guards.

The XPEL Universal Door Sill Guard brings the company’s signature protection in a size that’s fit for door sill installation. It also provides enough film for two door sills and provides plenty of flexibility to adjust it to the size and shape of your choice. This is especially true if you are getting the door sill protector installed by a professional.

XPEL provides its door sill guard in two variations, clear and black. This gives you customization options and lets you select whether you want your door sill to be visible or not. In either option, it provides incredible protection against abrasions and keeps your auto body as safe as possible. It sticks to the door sill perfectly, but can be removed later on through steam and targeted heat whenever you want to change it.

Size: 2.75” Width x 60” Height

Fit: Universal

Price: $20.99

Best for Easy Installation: NF Orange 4X 5D Carbon Fiber

If you are looking for a door sill protector with an easy installation process, the NF orange 4X 5D Carbon Fiber is the way to go. With pre-segmented pieces that fit right on your door sills, getting some added protection for your pickup has never been easier.

Sporting a black and gray color combination, the NF orange 4X 5D Carbon Fiber door sill protector is made from durable material. This ensures that it can protect your pickup against regular wear and tear while also enhancing its looks. It also comes in a universal fit, which makes it an ideal product for any vehicle. If you need some additional modifications in terms of size, the carbon fiber material lets you do the trimming and cuts according to your own comfort.

The NF Orange 4X 5D Carbon Fiber comes with a scraper, which makes sure that you have all the tools that you need for an easy installation. While the material fixes to your car without any issues, it is also removable in case you want to replace or change it later on.

Size: 2.6” Width x 23.6” Height for 2 Front Door Panels, 2.6” Width x 15.7” Height for 2 Rear Door Panels

Fit: Universal

Price: $8.88 for Set of 4 Pieces

Best Value: PAMISO Car Door Sill Scuff Guard

If you are finding a protection option on a budget, the PAMISO Car Door Sill Scuff Guard can be of help. Boasting of a black and gray color pattern that can fit right in with most pickups, the door sill protector set can help you steer clear of scratches and abrasions with ease.

Apart from protecting your vehicle from regular foot traffic as well as external elements, the PAMISO Car Door Sill Scuff Guard is also anti-slip. This ensures that you and your kids can hop in and out of your pickup truck without worrying about regular safety issues.

The PAMISO Car Door Sill Scuff Guard also provides you with easy installation and comes with a scraper of its own. The whole set comes in 4 pieces for the front door and 4 pieces for the rear doors. This makes way for a quick and painless installation that keeps any additional stress at bay.

The material is also removable through alcohol and targeted heat. This ensures that you can easily replace it at your own will once it starts looking too weary for your sparkling vehicle down the road.

Size: 2.6” Width x 15.7” Height for 4 Front Door Panels, 2.6” Width x 15.7” Height for 4 Rear Door Panels

Fit: Universal

Price: $10.99 for Set of 8 Pieces

While these door sill protectors stand out in terms of protecting your car at your budget, performance, and aesthetic preferences, you can also find a variety of other products on the market. To make an informed decision, make sure to discuss your options with a professional who can guide you to the best fit for your pickup.

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