Door Sill Protector - Installation Instructions and Things You Should Know

When it comes to protecting your car in an economical yet efficient way, door sill protectors often stand front and center.

With their highly affordable prices and robust functionality, these protectors can easily safeguard your auto door sill against wear and tear. This helps you steer clear of unnecessary repair costs, and allows you to retain your car’s appearance for a long time.

But with the abundance of door sill protectors available in the market, it can be a bit difficult to find a product that fits all your requirements. Even when you find the right protective strips for your car, installing them can be tricky.

To help you with the process of finding and installing door sill protectors, here’s an overview of this essential solution as well as its associated requirements.

What is a Door Sill Protector Anyway?

A door sill protector is typically made out of heavy duty vinyl or rubber. This allows the protector to hold its own against consistent use and repeated impacts from the door frame.

Available in the shape of a roll of protective film or a strip of heavier material, these protectors directly attach to your door sill. Due to the way they are built, door sill protectors are available in a universal fit. This means that you don’t have to wait or look around for door sill protectors that are specifically built for your vehicle. As soon as you find a door sill protector that seems suitable, you can install it on your vehicle.

Door sill protectors are made to absorb scratches and sustain abrasions. This way, they can protect your vehicle from these issues and make sure that your vehicle’s body remains free of any scratches or paint chips.

How Do You Install a Door Sill Protector?

Since door sill protectors are available in a rollup or adhesive material, it is easier to install them as compared to other auto components or accessories that come in more complicated forms. You just need to know what you are doing and how the process works from start to finish.

For a quick overview, you should remember that almost all auto door sill protectors come with an adhesive backing. This industrial grade adhesive makes sure that you have everything you need upon purchasing a protector from a reliable vendor. By following installation instructions carefully, you can add these protectors to your car without any issues.

The process of door sill protector installation includes the following steps.

Park Your Car in a Well-lit Space

Whether you are using your garage, porch, or the street as the venue for the installation process, make sure that it is well lit. This prevents mishaps and errors during the process.

When possible, try to complete the installation during the day. This gives you plenty of natural light to boot.

You Need to Clean Your Door Sill

Make sure to properly clean your door sill to get rid of any external elements such as dirt and grease.

You will need to do this process in two steps; one with a soap solution and the other with an alcohol solution. The former makes sure that you get rid of general dirt and dust, while the latter ensures to cut through remnants of grease and wax. This makes sure that your door sill protector can install on your car properly even if you have had any external treatments done to it.

The process requires you to use the following steps.

Water and Soap Solution

  • Run a soft cloth over the door sill.
  • Add a little soap to a 16 oz. spray bottle of water. Mix properly.
  • Spray this solution on the door sill. Discard the rest.
  • Clean with a soft cloth until no soap residue is left behind.

Water and Alcohol Solution

  • Fill your spray bottle with 75% clean water, and 25% Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Spray this alcohol solution on the door sill.
  • Clean with a soft cloth until the solution is dried off.

This dual cleaning procedure clears the door sill of external particles and makes sure that the protector sticks to the surface properly.

Important Note: Before beginning the process, you should also check for dust or corrosion. If you find any such symptoms of deterioration, you will need an expert to handle the solution before you can install your door sill protector.

You Have to Measure the Door Sill Size

Some door sill strips come in separate segments that are ready to install from the get go. Whereas, others come in a roll-up form that needs to be cut according to your desired size. The former provides you with greater ease of use, while the latter gives you more flexibility.

In case you buy a door sill protector in the more common roll-up form, you will need to measure your door sill protector to cut the required length. Simply take the measurement and use scissors to cut the desired amount of protective strip.

You Then Need to Paste the Door Sill Protector

Most door sill protectors come in the form of a kit. This kit includes the protective film, whether it’s in a pre-cut segment or a roll-up tape, and also has an accompanying gel to help you install the protector.

If your chosen door sill protector comes with a gel component, make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging accordingly. Typically, you will need to spread the gel on your door sill before you put the adhesive side of the protector on top of it.

When you put the protector on top of your window sill, be very careful of eliminating air pockets. If you notice any bubbles, make sure to rub them out using your fingers and thumbs. The process is slow and requires some efforts, but it’s necessary to pull off for a flawless installation.

Let It Set for a While

Repeat the cleaning and pasting process through other doors to make sure that you install your door sill protector on all required sides of your vehicle.

The process should complete with the installation of the protector on the last door. You can then let the protector set for a couple of hours before taking your car out to a drive.

Things to Keep in Mind While Installing a Door Sill Protector

Now that you know that a door sill protector can come in many forms and its installation can be an easy albeit lengthy process, it will be easier for you to understand a few finer points. Keeping these aspects in mind will help you make an informed decision, and let you know exactly what to expect with a door sill protector installation.

Door Sill Protectors Need to Be Replaced Every Few Years

It is important to remember that door sill protectors are not permanent. While high quality door sill protectors can sustain years of usage, they can still wear off with consistent pressure and abrasions.

At that point of time, you need to have them removed through a professional and install a new door sill protector all over again. With that being said, it is worth the time and investment given how these protectors safeguard your car against external elements and abrasions.

They Are Available in a Variety of Materials

As defined above, door sill protectors come in a variety of materials. While most of them come in a transparent film form, others are available in different colors. This gives you plenty of choices according to your aesthetic.

Both the protective film and heavier material protectors are popular among car owners. Eventually, the choice depends upon your visual requirements and how you want your car to look with this new addition.

You Don’t Have to Install Them Yourself

If the installation process looks intimidating to you, you don’t have to pressure yourself through it. Since door sill protectors are a popular and common addition to utility and luxury vehicles, most mechanics and auto body experts specialize in their installation.

Even when you order a door sill protector kit by yourself, you can turn to a professional for its installation. This ensures that you don’t put yourself through unnecessary strain but still get the desired protection for your car.


Door Sill Protectors Are Quite Affordable

Despite protecting one of the most exposed parts of your car, door sill protectors come at an affordable price point. This means that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to secure your car through these solutions.

High quality door sill protectors can cost a little more than those that use run of the mill materials. But due to their long lasting usage, they are worth the price and carry plenty of value with them. This is especially true if you own a high-end car, where scratches and abrasions on the door sill can disrupt its whole look and cause you to regret your big purchase.

To learn how we, at can help you install the perfect door sill protector, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to understand your requirements and find the perfect match for you right away.

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