What are the Best Door Sill Protectors for Corvette C4, C5, C6, and C7?

How many times per week do you get in and out of your Corvette? Each time you do it is one more opportunity for your door jamb’s paint to get damaged. Despite all of our best efforts, sometimes the unexpected will happen and there’s nothing we can do about it once it does.

Much easier than getting your paint repaired is to prevent paint damage preemptively. Door sill protectors are worth it, but figuring out which is best can be overwhelming with so many options.


Made Specifically for Corvettes

There are many options to protect your door jambs designed and manufactured specifically for C4, C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes. Depending on your budget, your expectations for installation, and your aesthetic preferences, one of these may be the option for you. Keep in mind though, these are not one size fits all.

Be careful that you get the correct part, as trying to install a door sill plate or protector manufactured for a different model can cause significant damages.

American Car Craft’s Sill Plates

American Car Craft’s Sill Plates are a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and durable option. American Car Craft has sill plates made especially for C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes. Unfortunately, they do not have one for C4 Corvettes.

This door sill plate will provide some protection, though is not very large and will not provide full coverage. This option is more for appearance purposes and is made from stainless steel that will not fade, rust, or tarnish over time.

American Car Craft’s Sill Plates also have a LED-backlit version if you are particularly adventurous. One downside to getting a sill plate from American Car Craft is that it will run you a couple hundred dollars. This option can also be a bit of a pain to install,  especially if you get the illuminated version and have to handle the LED light routing.

Snap in Sill Protectors

A much more affordable option that is made for Corvettes are snap in sill protectors. This door sill protector sold by West Coast Corvettes is made to lock onto the door jamb of C6 Corvettes. There are similar products available for all Corvette generations. Snap in door jamb protectors requires no drilling, hardware, tape, or adhesives, allowing for easy removal.

Snap in sill protectors are made more for utility than for appearance, covering and protecting a large area of your door jamb. This door still protector stands out and it will be obvious to onlookers that it was not a factory product. Since they are a temporary piece of equipment, think of them as floor mats. The objective is to protect your door sill and because they are snap in and can come on and off as you please, appearance is less of an issue.

Be careful installing snap in sill protectors and ensure they are made for the right model.  Failing to do so can result in you damaging your own paint in the pursuit of protecting it! Since these are made of hard materials, you can easily scratch your paint if not the appropriate model's snap in protector.

Universal Door Jamb Protectors

Though not as glamorous as some other options like door jamb plates, some universal door jamb protectors provide superior protection compared to other options.  One of the advantages of door jamb protectors of this type is that it can be customized for any make or model of vehicle including C4, C5, C6, and C7 Corvette.

Since universal door still protectors can be used with any vehicle since it is not rigid like other options and will conform to your Corvette's frame, you can decide the extract amount of coverage you would like. Luckily, universal door jamb protectors are often available at a fraction of the cost of other door sill protector options.

XPEL's Universal Door Sill Protectors

Unlike most other protectors,  XPEL's Universal Door Sill Protectors are actually crafted from a very thick embossed plain protection film. Not only does this option give you the choice of how much of your door sill you want to be protected, but XPEL is also a leader in the paint protection industry.

The slip resistant semi-gloss finish design means that this door jamb protector will look natural no matter what color your Corvette's interior or exterior is. The embossed design prevents your shoes from sliding on your way out of your Corvette and in turn, prevents scuffs to your paint.

Paint protection film, which XPEL's Universal Door Sill Protector is made of, will not only protect that vulnerable area of paint but is also easy to install. Vehicle door sill protectors range in difficulty to install, from requiring professional installation to being an easy DIY project. Both snap in and universal door sill protectors fall in the "10 minute no skill required" category with installation instructions available online.

Lastly, this option can be removed without any damage to the underlying paint. Despite the fact that this door sill protector requires no special maintenance and can be cleaned with the same products as the rest of your Corvette without any peeling or loss of adhesion,  removing XPEL's Door Sill Protector is fast and easy with the application of high heat.


No matter if you have a 1986 C4 Corvette or a 2018 C7 Corvette, protecting your door sill from all the wear and tear of everyday use is important to the health of your Corvette's paint. There are many options available from luxurious sill plates with LED backlights to snap in door sill protectors. Each option varies in how much protection it provides, how much it will cost you, how long it will last, and how difficult it will be to install. Depending on your preferences, your choice of the best vehicle door sill protector for C4, C5, C6, or C7 Corvette will differ.

A particularly great option is top quality universal for sill protectors like those provided by XPEL. They provide full coverage, are visually appealing, are easy to install, and are removable, leaving your vehicle in factory condition if you decide to remove them.


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