5 Must Know Applications of the 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge

3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads allows you to get the ultimate adhesion for various automotive projects. To make sure that the adhesives work effectively, you must first thoroughly clean the surface. There is more that can be done to enhance the bond strength of adhesives besides just wiping the surface down and that is where 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads come into the picture.

There are many uses for 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads, with this diversity of applications being one of the things to consider when choosing between alcohol and 3M Adhesion Promoter Sponge Pads. This adhesive promoter can be used for both metal and plastic, including LSE, TPO, PPO, PP, PC, and ABS plastics, and is especially useful for projects that require 3M Adhesive Tape. The following are 5 must know applications of the 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge:

1)     Preparing Your Bumper for SLiPLO

3M Adhesive Promoter Sponges are so useful for installing SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guards that they come with the DIY kit. SLiPLO Universal Bumper Scrape Guards are installed on the underside of the bumper, an area that experiences a lot of contact with contaminants and street debris. Luckily, 3M Adhesive Promoter Pads ensures that the double-sided 3M adhesive affixed to SLiPLO permanently adheres, being resistant to solvents, impact, and water splashing up from the road.

Installation of SLiPLO is simple, and anyone with a spare 15 minutes can do it. Once you decide where is best based on your bumper’s shape, you should thoroughly clean the underside of your bumper. After it dries, open the packet that contains the 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge and wipe down the paint. Each sponge covers up to 150 square inches and will dry in as little as 30 seconds. Lastly, remove the backing on the SLiPLO strips and stick them on!

2)     Prepare Your Can-Am Frunk Bottom for Adhesive Skid Plates

For similar reasons as why you should prepare your bumper before you install SLiPLO Universal Scrape Guard, you should prepare the bottom of your Can-Am frunk bottom before the installation of accessories or protective products like Can-Am Scrape Guards. Being utility vehicles that are meant to withstand all terrains with ease, there is a good chance that your Can-Am’s frunk bottom will scrape along logs, rocks, or other materials that can destroy its paint.

Scrape guards are a great way to protect your Can-Am’s paint but unless you want to alter your Can-Am with plates that require drilling, you will have to have very strong adhesive with exceptional bonding. 3M Adhesion Promoter Sponge Pads can ensure that you get the needed strength so that your scrape guard will not fall off no matter what your Can-Am is subjected to.

3)     Installing Body Side Moldings

If you have been wondering “are body side moldings worth it?”, under most circumstances the answer is “yes”. Body side moldings can protect your vehicle’s doors from being dinged by rouge shopping carts or someone swinging their door open and hitting your vehicle. If nothing else, side moldings can be used for aesthetic purposes, with all different styles, colors, and textures available to change up your vehicle’s look.

Side moldings are typically installed with the use of automotive adhesives or automotive adhesive tape. Wiping down your vehicle’s doors with 3M adhesive promoter pads is a good idea to make sure that your side moldings get the tightest bond with your vehicle’s door. This is important so that the sun’s UV rays, and rain do not get in between and degrade the adhesive leading to your side moldings coming lose in the future.

4)     Preparing Your Door Jamb for Protector Installation

One place that many people overlook when thinking about protecting their vehicle from damage is their door jambs despite the fact that the lip of a vehicle’s door is constantly stepped on and scraped against. In fact, every time you get in and out of your vehicle, you risk tracking contaminants into your vehicle and onto your door sill, potentially leading to paint damage.

If you have already looked into the 5 quick tips to help you find the best door jamb protector and picked one out, all that is left is installation. To prevent peeling and bubbling during or after installation, and to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your door sill protector, clean your door sill, and then prep it with 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads.

5)     Any Project with 3M Adhesive Tape

For any application that exists for 3M adhesive tapes, such as 3M Super Strength Molding Tape, there is an application for 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads. 3M adhesive tapes made specifically for automotive applications and can adhere to plastic, metal, carbon fiber, and composite parts, including both painted and unpainted surfaces. Possible uses for 3M adhesive include attaching side moldings, fender trim installation, wheel trim installation, and installing other decorative trims and factory emblems to the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Any project that includes this easy-to-use, moisture and solvent resistant, press on tape can be made better with 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads. After ensuring there is no dirt, dust, or grime on the surface you plan the tape to adhere to, simply do a quick wipe down of the surface with a 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pad.

Wrapping Up

3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads make a fantastic compliment to many automotive projects that require adhesive tape, especially those produced by 3M. To prevent degradation of the adhesive and premature detachment, 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponge Pads ensure that the adhesive has the best possible chance at getting the best conceivable bond.

Some common uses for 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponges includes preparing bumpers and Can-Am frunk (or front trunk) bottoms for installation of scrape guards, installation of side moldings to protect your vehicle’s doors, and preparing your door sills for application of door sill protectors. In combination with 3M Adhesive Tapes such as 3M Super Strength Molding Tape, the possibilities are limitless and include affixing factory emblems, and installing decorative, wheel, and fender trim.  


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