What is The Best Skid Plate Without Drilling?

It can be hard keeping your paint in pristine condition, especially when you have a steep driveway that scrapes against your bumper every time you pull in.

Maybe it’s potholes that have caused you grief, or maybe it’s the parking curbs at your local grocery market. No matter who you are or what type of vehicle you have, you will likely face something scraping the underside of your bumper at some point. How do you prevent this? A skid plate, of course.

Most skid plates require drilling and hardware. If you don’t want to deface your bumper while also protecting your spotless paint job and bumper, SLiPLO’s Skid Plate is the skid plate for you!

Ground Clearance

Putting anything underneath your vehicle is going to cause you to lose some ground clearance.

No matter if you are looking for the best skid plates for a Honda Civic or a true low-rider, SLiPLO’s skid plate can help protect you. SLiPLO’s skid plate is very thin, only creating a quarter of an inch reduction in ground clearance.

It also has curved edges opposed to the sharp edges of your vehicle’s bumper allowing it to glide over whatever it comes into contact with instead of catching on it like the bumper would.

Fast and Easy To Install

Unlike other skid plates, this skid plate can be installed by anyone who has a little bit of spare time in their day. It is an easy process, with no drilling and no hardware required. The only thing you absolutely need is a pair of strong scissors.

Even if you have a scraped front lip on your vehicle, you can still install SLiPLO yourself. In this case, it is suggested that you buy additional adhesive pads when purchasing SLiPLO to make sure your new skid plate sticks to the damaged paint.

This project is appropriate for anyone at any skill level. If you are looking for a small project to do yourself that will yield great results, this is a fast easy option. You can prevent any problems during installation by using a product like 3M Primer 94 that helps prepare the bumper for the adhesive pads. This is not required unless there is a defect in your paint. Instead, it just makes the already incredibly strong adhesive even more cemented.

Not only is SLiPLO easy to install, it is also fast. The actual application will only take a few minutes. SLiPLO’s adhesive will reach 90% bond strength within 20 minutes. Do be sure to wait at least two full days before washing your vehicle, as that’s how long it takes to reach 100% bond strength.

Great Protection

This skid plate is made from the same materials that are used for snowplows that are constantly scraping concrete. It provides great protection, and although visible from the front, it’s glossy black appearance makes it look like a factory accessory.

The paint on the underside of your bumper is vulnerable to scraping on any elevation it comes across, and having a bumper skid plate effectively prevents costly mishaps.

Instead of catching and scratching, things that come into contact with your bumper with a skid plate slide over the skid plate’s polyurethane. SLiPLO’s skidplate also acts as a cushion making it impact-resistant because of its flexible design.

Bumper skid plates pay for themselves by preventing you from having to have your paint job touched up every time it gets scratched.

No Drilling

Instead of being held on with hardware like other skid plates, SLiPLO’s skid plate adheres to the underside of your vehicle’s bumper with adhesive produced by 3M. These adhesive pads are incredibly strong having the same bond rating as rivets.

Interestingly, despite this amazing strength and holding power, SLiPLO can still be removed without causing any damage to your vehicle’s original paint job.

Another plus side to having this no-drill option is that if the skid plate is put under extreme pressure, the skidplate’s adhesive will fail instead of ripping your bumper off like would happen with alternative drilled-on options.

One Size Fits All

SLiPLO can fit on essentially any bumper imaginable. With its modular design, it can be fashioned into the exact shape required for your vehicle.

Each kit comes with 8 pieces, which is enough for most vehicles. A second kit can be purchased if your vehicle’s bumper has a particularly large area to cover.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

SLiPLO has a 10-year warranty on non-installed SLiPLO bumper scrape guards and a 1-year warranty for installed SLiPLOs. This warranty covers lifting, cracks, delamination, and peeling.

Of course, the warranty does not apply to normal wear, or damage caused on purpose, because of an accident, or bad installation. SLiPLO also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you really have nothing to lose!

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to determine if a product is worthwhile is to see what others who have purchased the product have said.

Cameron Adams wrote about the money they saved by preventing paint damage and stated that he has had to “repair and repaint my Lexus’s front kit 5 times this year but now SLiPLO’s product is taking all of the beatings and scrapes”.

Howard Dreispan expressed that he was skeptical in the beginning but ended up liking the product so much after it was installed that he went out and purchased more SLiPLO kits to put on his other vehicles.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for a way to prevent damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage without having to drill through your bumper, SLiPLO is what you’re looking for.

With SLiPLO’s easy to understand instructions, this attractive glossy black skid plate can be installed by anyone who has a little extra time after dinner one day. SLiPLO is incredibly tough and can prevent a variety of damage that your bumper is susceptible to.

Best of all, this product comes with both a warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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