What are the Best Accessories for Can-Am Defender?

The Can-Am Defender is an amazing side-by-side (SxS) vehicle that has removable side panels, hydraulic power tilt bed option, and climate control. This utility task vehicle/recreational off-road vehicle can tow up to 3,000 pounds, which is amazing since it is significantly lighter than earlier Can-Am generations. Despite how great it is, it can be made even better with accessories.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine which accessories are the best for the Can-Am Defender. In fact, it may be difficult to figure out which accessories are even compatible with so many options available on the internet. Because of this, we have provided a place to start with seven great accessories suitable for the Can-Am Defender.

LinQ Audio Cargo Box

This 11.5-gallon (43 liter) cargo box not only adds additional storage to your Can-Am Defender but also provides entertainment. This music system is water resistant and will not drain your battery. Instead of running continuously, it will turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Enhance your drive with a little bit of music!

To make a great product even better, the control panel is back lit which allows you to see clearly if you want to listen to music during an after-dark drive. Bluetooth capable, with rear installation not taking up any cabin space, the LinQ 11.5 Gal [43L] Audio Cargo Box is a great option for music lovers with a Can-Am Defender.

CVT Air Intake Pre-Filter

If you are intending to use your Can-Am Defender in particularly harsh conditions, purchasing a CVT Air Intake Pre-Filter is a great idea to help you protect your utility task vehicle. This accessory will protect your engine no matter what you do by filtering out particles that are 0.19 millimeters (0.007 inches) or larger.

After you install this CVT Air Intake Pre-Filter, more opportunities open up for you and your Can-Am Defender. Once this pre-filter is on, you can have Apache and Backcountry Track Systems installed without violating your Can-Am’s warranty! These track systems let you take your Defender to even more difficult terrain, such as those associated with wintery conditions.

Can-Am Universal Frunk Bottom Scrape Guard

Just like the CVT Air Intake Pre-Filter, the Can-Am Universal Funk Bottom Scrape Guard is a great investment to protect your Defender. This product’s installation is drill free and requires no hardware. On top of that, it is easy to remove if your want to remove or replace it later. Originally designed to protect the bumpers of street vehicles from going over speed bumps too fast or falling into potholes, this scrape guard will be able to protect your Can-Am Defender’s underside.

The EZ glide design results in more than a 50% decrease in contact area, allowing your Can-Am to slide right over abrasive surfaces without damaging it nor its paint. Being one of the best skid plates without drilling, and the only such one that fits perfectly on a Can-Am Defender, makes this accessory a no brainer!

S3 Nerf Bars

If you are an enthusiast of mud driving, also known as mudding, nerf bars are imperative to protecting your vehicle. A lot of people decide against protective measures when they intend to use their utility task vehicle for mudding because may options reduce ground clearance but this is not the case with S3 Nerf Bars.

S3 Nerf Bars protect the lower portion of your Can-Am Defenders sides with ease. While protecting the lower sides of your Can-Am Defender from rocks, branches, and logs with 1.5-inch steel tubing, these nerf bars provide for an easier time entering and exiting with a built-in step. To top it off, these specific nerf bars’ paint is tough, having a durable powder coat finish.

LinQ Heavy-Duty Basket

If you want to increase the cargo capacity of your Can-Am Defender but are not interested in the LinQ Audio Cargo Box, either because you do not want speakers or because of price, LinQ is a great alternative. Made of extremely strong, low-alloy steel, this basket can increase the cargo capacity of either the rear or front of your Can-Am Defender while not being vulnerable to the damage that comes with the kinds of work Can-Am Defenders engage in.

LinQ’s Heavy-Duty Basket mounts on easily, and can be removed easily, from either the LinQ Front Rack or LinQ’s Cargo Rack. In fact, if you want the maximum amount of cargo room, you can have two of LinQ’s Heavy Duty Baskets installed in each of the two positions.

Outlander X Mr and Defender Rim

If you want to liven up your Can-Am Defender’s aesthetics some, and make it look as unique and outstanding as it runs, you can always change out your rims for something that suits you better. An example of this would be Outlander X Mr and Defender Rims.

These cast aluminum rims are one of the ways you can style your Can-Am Defender to stand out without going over the top. If you have a Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender Max, these rims can be installed on only your front wheels, though. There are other options on the market to fit all wheels as well.

RAM† LED Spotlight

The Can-Am Defender is a great work vehicle, and the job does not always end just because the sun has set. In these situations, seeing clearly can be quite a problem. The solution to this problem? RAM† LED Spotlight, or another spotlight that is compatible with the Can-Am Defender.

This spotlight is maneuverable so that you can direct the light wherever you need it to be, instead of having to constantly reposition your Can-Am Defender. This is made possible by the directional double ball mount. Providing 540 lumens of light, this 9-Watt, durable LED light can illuminate any environment for you. 100 lumens are enough light for both commercial and residential walkways, so 540 lumens should definitely suit your needs!

No matter if you want to listen to your favorite songs while riding through the back roads, or if you need light when a big job is running late, there is an accessory out there for you. 

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