Top 4 GT350 Interior Mods

Although Mustang’s GT350s are not among the 5 rarest cars you never knew about, these high-performance vehicles are top of the line themselves. With this in mind, there are always improvements that can be made, and you can always customize your GT350 to fit your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Interior modifications can include many things, including pedal covers, protective measures, dashboard revamping, and new stereo systems. The following are the top 4 interior modifications for Mustang GT350s.

Pedal Covers

As opposed to the unattractive factory pedals that came with your Mustang GT350, you can cover them with high-quality performance pedal covers. There are many different pedal covers that can be installed depending on your preference. One of the more popular ones includes Roush’s Performance Billet Aluminum Pedal Covers.

Roush’s Performance Billet Aluminum Pedal Covers are durable because of the materials used in their manufacturing and have black grip accents to keep your feet from slipping from your pedals while still maintaining a race-inspired custom experience.

Reviews are always an important way to gain insight before a purchase and this product is highly reviewed. Andrew D, for example, stated that these pedal covers have a great look and feel and that they are easy to clean up if you get some dirt on them from your shoes. Other reviews pointed out how great it looked while getting out of their GT350 in comparison to the factory pedals.

The Roush 4-Piece Performance Pedal Kit is made specifically for all Mustangs that have a 6 – speed manual transmission. This includes all Mustang Shelby GT350 models, as well as EcoBoost, GT models, and the V6. You do not have to have any experience or special tools to install these pedal covers. Installation can be completed, even by novices, so long as they have the basic hand tools required.

In each kit, there is a brake pedal cover, an accelerator pedal cover, a dead pedal cover, a clutch pedal cover, and all of the hardware required for installation. This hardware includes 13 screws, 10 steel nuts, and 3 plastic retainers. You should set aside a couple of hours when installing these pedal covers, though, to ensure you get the best outcome and that you have enough time to finish the job.

Alcantara Dash Panel

Unlike small, easy to install, protective mods like SLiPLO’s Ford Skid Plates, some of the top modifications are purely for aesthetic purposes. Although the existing factory aluminum dash panel is acceptable in appearance, having your dash panel covered in Alcantara will give your Mustang GT350 a high-quality classy touch. Alcantara is not only for luxury vehicles, but it can also be for performance vehicles as well!

There are shops, like Auto Fanatic in New York, that will remove each individual aluminum dash insert, modify them to prepare them, then cover them in real Italian Alcantara. Italian Alcantara can give any GT350 a luxury vehicle feel!

This process generally takes between one and two weeks and may also be available for your GT350’s center console. Do not attempt to complete this interior mod yourself. Because of how your dash will have to be prepared, you cannot go back after you start. It is permanent.

Trunk Floor Mats

If you live in an especially snowy, muddy, or dusty area or often use your GT350’s trunk to transport the less-than-clean items or items that can scrape or rip material, it is important to protect your trunk without making it unsightly. Just like finding car door jamb guards for when you have pets, it is advisable to find trunk floor mats for your GT350.

One good option for protecting your trunk is the WeatherTech DigitalFit 2015-2020 Mustang Trunk Floor Mat. Instead of many other universal trunk floor mats, this mat is made specifically for your GT350 and will fit tightly against all of the contours of your cargo floor. These floor mats are made from thermoplastic olefin and high-density polyethylene. This means that they are durable, hard, resistant to wetness and contaminants, and easy to clean.

Best of all, it will not make your trunk look bad. If anything, it will enhance its appearance. This cargo mat only comes in black, though. If you would like a different color, even though it may show dirt more, there are other options on the market.

Audio System Upgrade

The factory audio system in 2015 – 2020 Mustangs is satisfactory, and there is nothing explicitly wrong with it. That being said, there is still room for improvement, especially if you listen to a music genre that requires a wide frequency range or are a musician that has an ear for audio quality.

Mustang Kicker KS654 6.5” Door Speaker Upgrade Kits are a fantastic option for those who want to upgrade their GT350’s audio system without going overboard. Of all of the components of Mustang’s audio systems, the door speakers are the weakest link. Since your GT350’s Base Audio package does not use component speakers for the front doors, Kicker speakers are a valid upgrade.

These speakers include polypropylene cones that are mounted in rubber surrounds that enhance bass response while also able to endure higher volumes without becoming distorted. With these speakers, you will get a clean and crisp sound that is impossible with the lower quality door speakers that come with your GT350 when it rolls off of the lot.

Although these speakers come with grilles and pre-drilled points and holes for mounting so that installation is not a hassle, it is likely best to have these speakers installed by a professional instead of trying your hand at it at home. One of the things you can do to avoid damage from hitting a speed bump too hard is to make sure everything is properly secured and fitted correctly. Unfortunately, these speakers do require some cutting. The rear deck speakers that come in this kit involve you cutting out and transferring over the stock surround of these speakers and this is best done by a professional unless you have experience already.

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