Can-Am Commander 1000 XT - The Ultimate Guide

If instead of trying to decide between the 2021 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited and Can-Am Spyder RT Limited you are looking for a quality side-by-side vehicle for the trail or for working and hunting, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT may be the vehicle for you. With this UTV’s amazing bed load capacity, dependable drivetrain, work oriented functionality, and sport worthy suspension, you really can’t go wrong. To top it off, the design of the interior is focused on comfort so even when your vehicle is doing hard work, you can relax! If you aren’t quite sure about if the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT is right for you, we’re here to help. The following will overview everything you could want to know about the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT:


As opposed to the Can-Am Commander 700 XT, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT engine can easily provide 100 hp. This is a huge improvement when you consider the 52 hp of the Can-Am Commander 700 XT. Other advantages of the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT’s Rotax 976 cc, V-twin liquid-cooled engine are its quick response system (QRS) and continuously variable transmission with high airflow ventilation and electronic drive belt protection. Additionally, SPORT and ECO modes allow the driver to control engine and transmission response.


The Can-Am Commander 1000 XT’s front arched double A-arm with sway bar and rear arched TTA with sway bar are both paired with twin-tube gas-charged shocks. This system gives the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT 15 inches or 38.1 centimeters of suspension travel. Suspension travel is a term used to describe how much the distance is that the wheel axle moves when the suspension gets compressed. Along with this side by side’s XPS Trail King 18-inch tires on 14-inch cast-aluminum wheels, this UTV can get the job done no matter how rough the terrain is.

Load Capacity

The reason the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT is among some of the top Can-Am models is its amazing bed load capacity. To start, the cargo box is 29.5 x 45.2 x 10.6 inches and, in this space, it can carry 600 lbs. (or 272.2 kgs). This dumping cargo box is fantastic for moving heavy loads without having to make multiple trips, such as when moving mulch, rocks, or dirt around your property.

Another useful feature is the built-in cargo bed LinQ mounting points, allowing you to secure cargo easier. Of course, the towing capacity is most important for many people thinking about purchasing this side by side. Overall, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT has a 2000 lb. towing capacity, allowing it to take on just about any project you throw at it.


While this UTV was designed with hard work and tough driving conditions in mind, the interior provides comfort and practicality. With enough room for four riders, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT has comfortable, adjustable seats so that you can enjoy your ride. Another nice feature is that the Can-Am has a much quieter cockpit than some other models.

Equipped with a 4.5-inch by 7.8-inch digital display screen with keypad, you will have easy access to your Can-Am Commander 1000 XT’s vital signs, telling you everything from your speed and fuel level to the engine’s temperature, mileage, and even the time. There is also a 650-watt magneto for electrical upgrades if you choose to want some. These upgrades include a stereo or lighting upgrades, as well as having a plow installed.

The interior also features an impressive amount of storage space for a side by side vehicle. Interior storage includes a spacious glove box, driver storage, a center console with cup holders included, and side panel storage on both sides of the UTV. On the passenger side there is also an additional cargo box.

Durability and Security

When doing tough and dirty tasks, your UTV needs to be safe and durable and Can-Am Commander 1000 XT goes above and beyond expectations. The double arched A-arm front suspension with sway bar and TTA (also known as torsional trailing arm) gives stability to your side by side, while its ground clearance keeps it high enough off the ground that it can manage any terrain. Even if you do scrape the undercarriage of your Can-Am Commander 1000 XT, it is protected with a full skid plate and you can compliment it with a Can-Am Universal Frunk Bottom Scrape Guard as well.

On top of skid plates, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT’s bumpers are a special feature that helps deal with the elements effectively. Best of all, Can-Am took security seriously when developing this model.  The Can-Am Commander 1000 XT has an anti theft protection system which includes digitally encoded security system keys as well as a unique code that can be used to restrict access to the electronic ignition system if you have others drive your UTV sometimes.

Ease of Driving

Not only can you control the engine and transmission response with the ECO and SPORT mode, driving modes include turf, 2 wheel drive, and 4 wheel drive with Vasco Lock QE auto-locking front differential, allowing you to make the right choices for all situations. Paired with electronic down hill descent control, no matter where you go, you will be in command.  

The Can-Am Commander 1000 XT features dynamic power steering that is incredibly responsive. The steering assistance is speed sensitive, having more power at lower speeds and less at higher speeds, making driving a Can-Am UTV easier than ever.


With a price tag of $15,299, the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT is more expensive than the Can-Am Commander DPS, but less expensive than the Can-Am Commander XT-P, Can-Am Commander X MR, Can-Am Commander Max OPS, Can-Am Commander Max XT, and Commander Max XT-P. Don’t let the Can-Am Commander 1000 XT’s affordable price fool you, though. It is still a top of the line, heavy duty, quality utility vehicle. With it, you will also get a factory warranty for 6 months, with extended services available for up to 30 months. 


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