I Became A Hero To My Wife with the Porsche Skid Plate

Porsche 918 skid plate


I’m a successful man. I run a company with over 300 employees and I make a very good living doing it. I tell you this because it’s been a very long time since I’ve wanted a teacher. To be honest I’m just too used to being the authority. In case you don’t recognize it, this brand of ego is typical of a strong type A personality. The one person that has always been able to break through my ego is my wife. I’m still crazy about her and that love has driven me to my new teacher Dr. Scrape and his brilliant invention the Porsche Skid Plate.

The Beginning

Back when my wife and I were first married we didn’t have a lot of money. We lived in a 1-bedroom apartment, shared a beat up Toyota and barely made rent. I was just starting my career and hated the fact that we couldn’t afford to start a family. Not that this stopped us. Anyway, we used to lie in bed and talk about the life we would have together. One night we played a game called “All the money in the World”. I’m sure you’ve played something similar at some point. First, you pretend that there is literally no limit to what you could afford. Then you choose the most extravagant thing you’ve ever wanted and talk about it. After some prodding, my wife chose a Porsche. I was so surprised. I had no idea she ever even thought about cars, but it turned out she new everything about Porsches. That look on her face is burned in my mind.


Porsche 993 GT2 Bumper Skid Plate
Porsche 993 Skid Plate

Installing the Porsche Skid Plate It took a little research, but I found him. Dr. Scrape was hiding in plain sight. His shop was right on Van Nys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA. I suppose he wasn’t really hiding, he just seems to keep himself busy with referrals. I called and told him how upset my wife was, described the problem and heard laughing on the phone. Now, I am not someone who is ever laughed at, but I wasn’t upset at Dr. Scrape, I was intrigued. He told me to meet him in the shop later that day. When I got to the shop I had one thing on my mind, “Why was he laughing?” So, I asked. Dr. Scrape told me 2 things. First, that we were so focused on fixing the result that we never looked at the problem. Second, that I was clearly an intelligent man who doesn’t like when he doesn’t have all the answers. “Today,” he continued, “Is your chance to be the hero to your wife that you want to be.” He was right on all accounts. Dr. Scrape took the time to teach me the techniques to install the Porsche Skid Plate. It was such a simple and inexpensive process. There was no drilling, not a lot of labor and when it was done the Porsche Skid Plate looked like it was part of the design of the car.

porsche bumper scrape gu


The Result

My wife was so touched by surprise. She loves driving her car with the Porsche Skid Plate. There are no awful scrape sounds anymore. She feels safe on steep driveways or driving in areas with potholes and dips in the road she can’t always avoid. Dr. Scrape was right. I am able to be the hero for the woman I love. Nothing is better.


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