How to Choose the Best Door Sill Protector for Honda and Toyota?

The door sill of your Honda or Toyota is one of the most underappreciated areas that have to withstand a lot of contact, putting it at high risk of becoming scratched or otherwise damaged.

Of course, it is important to recognize more often talked about topics like what happens if you scrape the bottom of your car and how to avoid it, but it is equally as important to protect your vehicle’s door sill.

How to choose the best vehicle door sill protector for your Honda or Toyota can be overwhelming with so many options on the market, but if you keep a few simple things in mind while shopping, you can find the perfect match for your vehicle so that you no longer have to worry about paint damage, scratches, and scuffs from constantly entering and exiting your vehicle.

Getting the Perfect Fit

With the paint protection ability along with anti-slip properties, we know the answer to if door sill protectors are worth it.

Some door sill protectors available have to be appropriately sized to your vehicle’s door sill. They are often made of a rigid material making it so that they not only have to be the precise length for your vehicle’s door sill but also have the right contour to fit your Honda or Toyota’s frame. Ensure that the sill protector that you are considering will fit your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can get a universal sill protector like this STEProtect Sill Protector from SLiPLO. This door sill protector can be applied to everything from trucks, SUVs, and cars, to boat steps and outdoor equipment, so it will definitely be a perfect fit no matter the make or model of your vehicle. Choosing a semigloss black vehicle door sill protector is the easiest way to match your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Instead of being made of a rigid material, universal car door sill protectors come in a long roll that can be cut to the specific size needed for you and your vehicle and have the flexibility to mold to the contour of any vehicle’s frame.

This versatility is one of the many ways that universal sill protectors are often the best option.

Ease of Installation

When deciding which door sill protector to get for your Honda or Toyota you need to consider installation.

For an additional cost, you can have a doorjamb installed by a professional if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. That being said, this is a simple, fast, and easy project that anyone can do themselves if they get the right product. For example, XPEL’s door sill protector is attached with a repositionable double-sided adhesive.

Using a product with maneuverable adhesive means that even the most inexperienced person can apply the door sill protectors because if you accidentally leave a bubble under the protector or it creases, it can be easily repositioned a fixed.

When shopping around for door sill protectors, you should also determine if you already have paint damage to your door sill.

If there is any damage or abrasions already, don’t fear, you will be able to cover that up with the door sill protector! You just have to ensure that the product you purchase has adhesive strong enough to stick on to the defects.

It’s also a good idea to use an adhesive promoter like 3M Adhesive Promoter if you have any existing paint damage. This promoter is easy to use, cheap, and if you get some of it beyond where your door sill protector is going to go on your Toyota or Honda, you can easily remove it with rubbing alcohol.


Durability is crucial when you’re searching for the perfect door sill protector. There’s little point of getting a door sill protector if it is going to rip or tear in typical use.

At a minimum, you want to know that the door sill protector’s adhesive will not start to fall apart if you wash it with water and soap as you typically would.

It’s best to stay away from door sill protectors that require specialized cleaning since door sill protectors are prone to getting dirty from your shoes while getting in and out of the vehicle.

XPEL’s door sill protector is made of extremely sturdy, thick, textured PVC paint protection film providing years’ worth of protection against damage that comes with using door sills.

Look for products made of materials that can handle dings, scratches, contaminants carried by your shoes, luggage wheels, high heels, and whatever else it may come in contact with.

Trusted Manufacturer

Products are only as good as their creators. Make sure to investigate who is making the product you are buying, what other buyers said about their purchase and the other products the business makes.

XPEL makes many high-quality world-famous products like their ceramic paint coating and paint protection film, making them experts in paint protection. They have been providing supreme car protection products for over twenty years and are one of the leaders of their industry.

Choosing a company like this one and others will help you know that the door sill protector you get for your Toyota or Honda is of good quality and workmanship.


The point of getting a door sill protector for is to protect your paint, so being able to remove it without ruining your paint job is also something to look for.

One of the strongest adhesives for vehicles is 3M and, believe it or not, it can be removed without causing any damage! If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, removing all non-factory products like door sill protectors can help increase your vehicle’s value.

Another reason removability matters is that although quality sill protectors last years, eventually they will get a little out of shape and lose their aesthetics. If this happens, you can have it removed easily and replaced!


Like any purchase, you want to get the most out of your money. This product does not have to be expensive to be of great quality.

It is one of the affordable things you can do to protect your vehicle just like affordable universal bumper skid plates.

It’s also advisable to check if the shipping is affordable, if there is a money-back guarantee, what their return policy is, and if the company guarantees the quality of their product.


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