How My Tesla Skid Plate Saved More Than My Weekend

My life changed forever the day I met Dr. Scrape. Yes my training was long and arduous, but I no longer fear the villainous driveway known as “Paint-killer”. In fact, I’ve been triumphant over Paint-killer for at least a month now. How have I accomplished such a brave and stunning victory? By employing the secret tool of Dr Scrape’s dojo, the Tesla Skid Plate onto my Tesla Model X “Sir Lanced-A-lot”. Are you intrigued? Well stay tuned it’s a great story. Let’s start from the beginning.


Meeting Dr. Scrape

It all began on a relatively typical workday at a mostly typical restaurant having a very typical lunch and conversation with a friend. Of course what happened next was not typical at all, but more on that in a minute. I was complaining to, we’ll call him Jim, that it felt like Paint-killer was literally killing me. Every time I approached Paint-killer in Sir Lanced-A-Lot, my anxiety got so bad that I wanted to drive right to the ER instead. After multiple losses I even considered…it’s hard to even say it… street parking. Jim had no real insight to give, but was polite and listened to me whine in a way that made me feel like the worst kind of under-achiever. Finally, disgusted with my own weakness, I excused myself and went to the restroom. Waiting for me as I exited the bathroom was a very mysterious man who introduced himself as Dr. Scrape. Little did I know that this man would become my teacher in the war against my arch-nemesis Pain-killer. My first impression of Dr. Scrape was that he was kind, light-hearted, but with a deep wisdom hidden behind his youthful smile and aging eyes. He said, “I overheard your conversation and I can help you.” I immediately believed him.


The Secret Behind The Tesla Skid Plate

I know what you’re thinking, wax on wax off right? Well… yes, but this was only a small part of the training. Dr Scrape showed me his true mastery when he taught me the secrets behind protecting my Tesla from the worst that the evil Pain-killer could deliver. He began with a full body Xpel Urethane clear bra. I was thrilled when I realized not only did it protect the body from all sorts of road debris and door scrapes, but it also came in a beautiful natural shine or matte finish. Fantasic! Next came the body match wrapped vinyl for the chrome delete and carbon fiber for the interior wood panel. At this point, I started to feel like a master myself, however the best was yet to come. Finally, my teacher presented me with the secret to defeating Pain-killer entirely. Dr. Scrape moved like a Shaolin Kung Fu Warrior Monk as he instructed and installed the Tesla Skid Plate. It was fast… so fast. There was no drilling and it had this amazing low profile aerodynamic design. When he was through Dr. Scrape put his hand on my shoulder and told me I was ready to take on Pain-killer myself.


The Showdown

As I approached Pain-killer, I felt a confident ease I hadn’t had in quite a while. Dr. Scrape assured me that there was no need to be gentle with Pain-killer and that I had all I needed. Again I believed him. My Tesla attacked Pain-killer’s treacherous slope and climbed until I found a place to park. Not a scratch! I was victorious and I would never have to worry about the villainous Pain-killer again.

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