Could You Learn To Install The Corvette Skid Plate

Now what I’m about to tell you has been secret for quite a while, but I’ve just been given the authorization. The story involves an injured man, a desperate man, a Chevy Corvette z06 and the Sliplo Corvette Skid Plate. What’s amazing is that the experience came at a time in my life when I was feeling empty and without purpose. That all changed the day I rescued Dr. Scrape. Let me explain.


Chevy Corvette Skid Plate

The Injured Man

Let me start by saying I’m an orthopedic doctor. What does that mean? It means I specialize in the diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment of patients with skeletal deformities. I help people with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. My practice is small. Mostly, I treat people in Pasadena California and surrounding areas. I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t really helping anyone. It was a horrible feeling. One day a man came in with acute pain in his right hand, shoulder and neck. His name was Dr. Scrape. The poor guy could barely move his fingers. It didn’t take long to discover that the problem was he was overworked. Dr. Scrape told me about his commitment to helping car enthusiasts protect their most beloved belonging. Unfortunately, he worked at a feverish, non-stop pace and refused to slow down when the pain started. This was no good.


The Desperate Man

When I told Dr. scrape that he had to take time off he almost walked out of my office. I explained to him that while there was no permanent damage yet, there soon would be if he didn’t give himself a break. He said I didn’t understand how badly he was needed. In fact, there was a Chevy Corvette v06 sitting in his shop at that minute that needed his patented Corvette Skid Plate. Dr. Scrape promised that the owner was desperate and drove from hundreds of miles away to have the Corvette Skid Plate installed. I didn’t know what to say, but he did.

The Corvette Skid Plate

I’m not sure how he did it, but Dr. Scape managed to convince me to take him to his shop so that I could monitor his work. This was a brilliant move on his part. Once we were there, he must’ve known I’d never let him do the work. So guess what this meant? That’s right, I had to do the work for him. When I offered to install the Corvette Skid Plate, he just smiled and said, “Well you do have the hands of a doctor.” Moments later Dr. Scrape was instructing me and I was under the car prepping the front bumper. The process was pretty amazing. First the Corvette Skid Plate is applied with an incredibly strong adhesive so there was no need for drilling. The installation was therefore, very quick. When I was done, you could barely tell that the Corvette Skid Plate was even there.

The Result

I’m happy to report that the owner of the Corvette was happy with the Corvette Skid Plate. So happy in fact, that he asked if I could install another Sliplo product called the Full Body Ultimate clear bra. That’s a story for another time. Dr. Scrape is fully recovered and back to working way too much. We talk occasionally and although I’m very happy with my practice and level of contribution, every once in a while I ask if he needs any help. I guess once you start, working with cars can get into your blood. I’m a doctor, I should know.

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