Best Truck Door Sill Protectors

It’s no shock that many people love their trucks. The reasons people had for getting a truck can range from aesthetics, to transporting supplies for DIY projects, to off-road driving.

By the nature of the vehicle, it is likely that it will have tough jobs making it even more difficult to keep it in tip-top condition.

 Although trucks have advantages like higher ground clearance, four-wheel drive, and a robust suspension system, there are still risks involved in owning a truck. One of the fast and simple things you can do to help safeguard your truck is to get a protector for your truck’s door sill. Door sill protectors help you prevent paint damage, scrapes, abrasions, and minor impacts, to your truck's door sill.


When shopping around for the best sill protector for a pickup, you have to check that the sill protector you intend to get will be the right size. Vehicle door sill protectors are generally either made for a specific make and model of vehicle or are universal.

For example, this Door Sill and Rocker Panel Armor by Ford is specifically made for their 2019 and 2020 Ford Ranger. It is manufactured with exact measurements and is unlikely to fit any other vehicle.

Like all door sill protectors, Ford’s Door Sill and Rocker Panel Armors are meant to protect from dings, scratches, environmental contaminants, and even dents. An extra feature of this door sill protector is that it will also cover your truck’s rocker panel so it looks natural, with it’s textured, matte black finish. 

Made out of TPO, it is able to withstand all temperatures, UV light exposure, and is resistant to impact. You can find specific door sill protectors for nearly all trucks.  

The other option is universal door sill protectors. Unlike rigid door sill protectors, like those made of TPO which can not be made into a film of less than 1/4th inch, universal skid plates are made of malleable materials that can be shaped to the specific contours of your truck.

 XPEL’s Universal Door Sill Protector Kit, which is an amazing choice for door sill protection, comes in 60” x 2.75” rolls that you can cut to match the exact space you want to cover, while still resisting damage to your truck’s door sill and paint. This particular universal vehicle door sill protector is so customizable that it can be applied anywhere from 4-wheelers to swimming pull stairs.



Any door sill protector you get from a reputable dealer should provide all of the protection you need. Although there are scams on the market that will lead you to believe you are shielded from scratches, pits, and contaminants when you aren’t, most are made out of very durable material.

Instead, what you should look out for is if the adhesive will hold up to the test of time so that it doesn’t rip or peel off and leave your door sill vulnerable again. Any truck door sill protectors that have special cleaning instructions are probably bad-news because it means it can be degraded from regular inclement weather and washing your truck.

TPO isn’t the only highly durable material used in the creation of door sill protectors. XPEL’s door sill protector is fashioned out of incredibly durable paint protection film that is thick and textured. The materials used in this product are more than enough to withstand the typical use of a truck while also being removable and affordable. No more worrying about inadvertently scratching your door sill’s paint while going about your business.  


There is no question if door sill protectors are worth it, but what about the damage to your truck's value because of customization? Anytime you customize your vehicle you risk reducing the value of your vehicle. One easy answer to this problem is to get a door sill protector for your truck that can be separated from your paint without causing any damage.

XPEL’s Door Sill Protector is absolutely removable without making any impact on your paint. Even better, it isn’t even difficult. With the proper equipment, it can be removed in only a couple of minutes. After a wash, your truck will be back to exactly the same as it was before, except your door sill won't have the scratches it would have had if there was never a protector in place!


One of the advantages of auto door jamb protectors and door sill protectors is its affordability. This goes back to the differences between universal door sill guards and door sill protectors made for certain vehicles.

Door sill protectors made especially for particular makes and models are generally much more expensive. Universal door sill protectors are generally very affordable with XPEL’s Door Sill Protector Kit only being $23.49 for both sides of your truck.


Some universal door sill protectors make for a perfect lunch-break do-it-yourself project since it only takes a couple of minutes to do and little to no experience is required.

XPEL’s Door Sill Protector makes it even easier because it’s repositionable, which means if you make a mistake, you can fix it. If you are still worried about installing a door sill protector yourself, tips and tricks and door sill protector installation instructions are available online. 

Of course, there are some door sill protectors that are more complicated and will probably need to be installed at your local dealership.

Best Door Sill Protector for Your Truck

 No matter if you use your truck to pick up lumber from your local home improvement store, or to go off roading, don’t forget about your door sills. There are many door sill protectors on the market, some made for particular makes and models, others that can be applied to any truck.

If you take all aspects into consideration, XPEL’s Door Sill Protector is your best option. This door sill protector is made of durable, all-terrain guard film, is slip and weather-resistant, and will prevent damage to your door sill from scratches and abrasions that come with owning a truck.

The 3D embossed satin finish gives a factory appearance. Best of all, it is affordable and can be removed at any time, restoring your vehicle to its original state. 


For more info on the features, benefits, and pricing of door sill protectors, click here, alternatively, use our interactive map to find an authorized installer near you. If you enjoyed this article, check out our blog.