Best Ferrari Scrape Shields

Ferrari’s are astonishing Italian luxury sports cars that are sure to impress just about anyone. If you are lucky enough to own one, it only makes sense that you want to do whatever possible to protect it. One of the simple ways that you can help keep your Ferrari and its paint in great condition is to have a scrape guard installed.

Scape guards come in all different shapes and sizes, are made of all different materials, and have varying degrees of craftsmanship behind them. With all of the nuances of a Ferrari in mind, the best Ferrari scrape shield is probably SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit.

The following article will overview the various aspects of SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard that makes this product an especially good fit with Ferrari owners.

Durability and Quality Design

SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard can easily withstand full impact with cement curbs, tough asphalt surfaces, potholes, and steep driveways. It is also one of the ways to avoid and prevent rock chips on your bumper

This durability is partially due to SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard being crafted from high-performance polyurethane, and partially due to its design.

 Instead of catching on rough surfaces like concrete and cement, SLiPLO’s product was designed to glide across any surface it makes contact with. This way, not only does it act as a buffer separating your Ferrari's bumper from impacts, but it also reduces the risk of damage if an impact does happen. Otherwise, your bumper may be pulled right of if it catches bad enough.

Although skid plates are important, is your Ferrari skid plate effective like this? Chances are it isn’t as effective in preventing bumper and paint damage because most skid plates completely disregard a vehicle’s bumper.

Another indication that this product is worthwhile is that SLiPLO is so confident in their product that is meant to come into contact with the gravel and asphalt regularly that they offer a 10-year warranty ensuring that the product will be free of defects of both workmanship and materials.

Full Coverage

Ferrari's can be quite low riding vehicles. Although the 2015 Ferrari California T has a ground clearance of 150 mm or 5.9 inches, some Ferrari's can have significantly less. For example, Ferrari 459 Italia has a ground clearance of only 113 or 4.4 inches.  When you have a high-value vehicle that has low ground clearance, it is more important than ever to make sure to protect the lowest parts of your vehicle.

Unlike other bumper protectors, SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard can be applied all over to get full coverage. You can Install them right at the lip of your bumper, at the rear of your front bumper, on your rear bumper, and both rocker panels to protect all of the painted areas on the underside of your Ferrari. To do this, though, you will have to buy additional do-it-yourself kits. Luckily, the more units you buy, the cheaper it is.

Will Not Damage Your Ferrari

The whole point of getting a scrape shield for your Ferrari is to shield your bumper and its paint from damage. It would not make sense, then, to put on a scrape guard that requires you to drill into your bumper or use hardware that can damage it.

SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard adheres to your bumper using extremely strong automotive grade 3M adhesive. With this rivet-quality adhesive, there is no need for hardware or drilling into your bumper. Interestingly, despite all of this strength, this adhesive is removable and will leave your Ferrari's paint in the exact condition it was in when you had SLiPLO installed.

The ability to remove scrape shields is especially important if you want to have the option to sell your Ferrari in the future. Like any other aftermarket modification, scrape guards will reduce your Ferrari's resale value when it comes time to sell it.

Since SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard is removable, this is not an issue. Not only is it not a concern for reducing your Ferrari's value, but it may also actually increase it because it will prevent paint damage!

Easy Installation

You do not have to be a mechanic to install SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard. Actually, you don’t need any special experience or any experience at all because it is just that simple. First, you should thoroughly clean your Ferrari since you don’t want any contaminants or dirt getting stuck between the scrape guard and your paint when it’s applied.

After your Ferarri’s bumper is nice, clean, and dried, wipe it down with the 3M Adhesive Promoter Sponges. Each do-it-yourself kit comes with three of these sponges. Unless you are planning on covering an unusually larger area, this should be enough. If not, you can always purchase more separately.

Once your Ferrari's bumper is prepped and ready to go, all you have to do is peel the backing off of the modular SLiPLO Bumper Scrape Guard and stick it on!

It may be a good idea to measure everything out beforehand and decide exactly where you want your scrape guards to go. Since this product is universal, it is completely up to you where you put it. To do this, you can mark your bumper with paint-safe tape first.

Will Not Impact Aesthetics of Your Ferrari

No one wants to taint their Ferrari’s appearance, even in the name of protection. Many bumper protectors and scrape guards are obvious to those who see your vehicle, but this isn’t the case with SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard. Existing completely under your Ferrari’s bumper lip, no one will ever notice unless they were to get on the ground to look. This option is very discrete.


SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard Do-It-Yourself Kit is particularly attractive to Ferrari owners because of its design, quality, coverage options, durability, discreetness, and removability.

Without having to repair your paint every time it gets scraped, SLiPLO’s Universal Bumper Scrape Guard can provide ultimate protection and save you money. 


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