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SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit (Upgraded Version) - SLIPLO
SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit (Upgraded Version) - SLIPLO
SLIPLO ULTRA Bumper Lip Armor
SLIPLO Bumper Protector
SLIPLO Bumper Protection
SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit (Upgraded Version) - SLIPLO
SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit (Upgraded Version) - SLIPLO

SLiPLO ULTRA Universal Bumper Scrape Guard DIY Kit (Upgraded Version)

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ULTIMATE PROTECTION SLIPLO ULTRA car bumper protector kit provides unmatched anti-scratch protection for your car’s front bumper, lip, spoiler and splitter from scratches, scrapes, or scuffs caused by steep driveways, speed bumps, parking curbs, and potholes. It’ll effectively withstand car washes, high speeds, and any temperature you put it through. Reduces contact surface area of your bumper by around 50% helping to minimize abrasion during impact.

UPGRADED NEW VERSION 2 In this upgraded version of our high-performance bumper scrape guard, we have made additional enhancements, on top of all the high features of the previous version to improve the ease of installation, effectiveness and performance of this universal bumper protector, which will give you a more pleasing and satisfying experience.

ENHANCED DESIGN Features a newly modified size and thickness of our front splitter protector for easier & more effective installation, it will minimize the trimming of each piece and will reduces the chance of adhesive failure with extreme compound curves. It will also allow for a discreet lower-profile factory look while providing the same level of protection as our previous model.

✅【 NEW 3M ADHESIVE WITH BUILT IN PROMOTER SYSTEM 】 Our front bumper guard comes with pre-attached 3M full black double-sided tape with extraordinary strength and durability to ensure perfect sealing and bonding even in extreme environments (No drilling or screws are required). This heavy-duty acrylic mounting tape should be used with an automotive grade adhesive promoter for maximum adhesion bond. 

UNIVERSAL DO IT YOURSELF DRILL-FREE INSTALLATION Compatible with most modern cars, trucks and SUV front bumpers with stick-and-go installation that holds on tight at high speeds and intense weather and doesn’t require any hardware.

OPT FOR FULL VEHICLE COVERAGE Order 1 DIY front bumper guard kit for your bumper front lip, 2 kits for bumpers that need extended coverage or 4 kits for extended bumpers and both rocker panel coverage. This heavy-duty kit of bumper guard for SUV and car is made in the USA from the same high-performance polyurethane used by snowplows, which resists intense weather and impact and is backed by a 10 year no questions asked replacement warranty. 

  Smart, Vehicle-Safe Installation

Unlike traditional skid plates or bumper guards that require you to drill into the molding or damage your vehicle ours uses 3M adhesive that offers rivet-quality strength with no surface damage.

Improved Abrasion Resistance
The thick polyurethane material is durable enough to protect your vehicle’s surface while also taking the full impact or force of a gravel road, cement curb, or tough blacktop surface.

Built to Take a Beating
The heavy-duty polyurethane and ultra-strong 3M adhesive can hold up to everything the road and the weather can throw your way. In fact, they hold fast against your bumper when parking, driving long distances, “falling” into potholes, going over speed bumps, and so much more.

Complete Discrete Coverage
One of the best aspects of a SLIPLO front bumper protector is that it hides seamlessly under the lip of your bumper, so you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing the extra protection you’re using on the bottom of your vehicle. Simply install, leave it, and forget it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 483 reviews
    So far, so good

    Put some on my car and my wife's car. Easy to put on and seems solid. Easy to apply. Hopefully won't need to find out how effective it is. I know my wife will make use of it at some point though.

    Chad Hagen
    Fell off within two weeks

    Not happy with the adhesive on these strips. Had several of them fall off within two weeks of minimal driving.

    Ron Gilbert
    SLIPLO Ultra Bumper Scrape Guard

    First off, I like the product. I would have given 5 stars but for two things. The 2 packets of adhesive enhancer were completely dried out and of no use, and the 3m tape on one of the actual skid strips

    had no stick. Fortunately, I keep 3m double stick in my shop so it was a quick fix, yet one I shouldn't have to provide.

    SLIPLO Ultra Bumper Scrape Guard

    Nice product if you can get them to stick. Having a hard time making them stick to urethane front splitter. Emailed the company and never got a response.

    John Dettori
    SLIPLO Ultra Bumper Scrape Guard

    I purchased the SLiPLO original for my 2019 Shelby GT350R about 6 months ago; installing it a month ago. Install was pretty easy - although by the time I got it on the car, I realized ways to make it smoother/more symmetrical / better. One kit was sufficient for the whole splitter. Followed the advice of AutoFanatic, since he showed adding it to his 2019 GT350R on his YouTube channel. It would have been easier if the splitter was off the car. Drove 150 miles the next day to Pocono Intl. for a track day. Everything was great! Well, everything was great on the track. Unfortunately, with no lights on the interstate, hitting a small possum crossing the interstate at 60mph on the way home was not protected against. Yeah, it wrecked a $2,400 splitter. So I bought another splitter and another 2 SlipLo kits. You said you were sending ULTRA kits, but I got 2 original kits. To tell the truth, I like the original better than the ULTRA. The pieces are bigger, and I believe they protect better. Installation on my workbench was much easier and it looks better - although few will ever "see" the bottom of my front splitter. Again shout out to Phil from AutoFanatic as he not only recommended SLiPLO, he shows a detailed install, and prepared me well. I didn't need the 2nd kit but am keeping it in case there is a next time.

    I should really give a review after 1 year, 5 years and 10 years of use. Stay tuned. All-in-all I'm a big fan of the product, would recommend it and buy it again. I'd advise viewing AutoFanatic's SlipLo installation video and get the two cleaning/preparation products he recommends. You won't be disappointed.