Tesla Model 3 Bumper Scrape Guard

Tesla Model 3 Bumper Scrape Guard

It’s dark and rainy. You are leaving the office after a tiring and stressful day. Getting home and taking a hot shower is all you want. You get in your brand new Tesla Model 3 and start driving while your mind begins to ramble about what you will do tonight.

And then, it suddenly happens.

You brake but is too late. The front bumper already struck the asphalt pulling out of that steep driveway… again. While closing your eyes, you wonder how bad is the damage to your bumper this time.

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Why scratches on a Tesla bumper are an issue

What’s the big deal with scratches? If you’re the proud owner of any Tesla model you know the answer.

Insurance policies are particularly high for Tesla vehicles. If we are talking about scratches, considering the deductibles costs, you may want to repair it at a body shop instead of a calling the insurance company. Then another situation arises. Tesla authorized body shops could ask you up to $2,000 for repairing a bumper, while a “non-authorized” body shop may do the same job for $700. However, in theory, only Tesla authorized body shops will “perfectly match” your car paint color… and you own a Tesla, you don’t want to drive a dual-tone exotic EV.

What about Tesla’s Paint Repair Kit? It only costs $55 and is sold by Tesla with a matching paint color. While this kit may seem like a perfect solution for small scratches, truth is, you need a certain ability to obtain a “perfect finish”. Once again, you don’t want your Tesla exhibiting those scratches, would you?

Neither repairing your Tesla each time you scratch the bumper on parking blocks nor a paint repair kit offers a long-term solution. Both cost you money and steal your precious time. What you need is solving the problem by correcting its root cause.on

Tesla Model 3 Without Sliplo
Tesla Model 3 With Sliplo

SLiPLO bumper scrape guard, the smart solution

Since scraping your bumper driving out of a driveway now and then or accidentally scraping your bumper while parking is almost inevitable, what you need is a definitive solution. That solution is SLIPLO, a next-generation skid plate offering your Tesla the level of protection it deserves.

  • Tesla SLIPLO skid plate perfectly fits on all Tesla models: 3, S, X, Y, and even the Roadster.
  • SLIPLO helps to maintain your Tesla’s impeccable finish by using premium high-tech materials to protect your bumpers, like snow-plow-tough Polyurethane.
  • Fast and easy installation with super-strong 3M adhesive eliminates the need for drilling thus prevents damaging your costly Tesla bumpers.
  • You can remove SLIPLO skid pad anytime without pulling away bumper’s paint another big plus no other solution can offer you!

Instead of being stressed while driving your Tesla, concentrate on what you can do to proactively protect it. SLIPLO is a high-end product that offers you a smart solution against scrapes and scuffs.

SLIPLO solves the root cause of damaging your Tesla bumpers, in a smart an efficient way, without drilling, without compromising your paint as competition does, and only at a fraction of the cost. What are you waiting for? Enjoy driving one of the best cars ever built having the peace of mind that your bumpers are protected against scratches.

Sliplo Installation Tesla Model 3 Skid Plate Tesla Model 3 Bumper Protection

Installing SLiPLO On Your Tesla Model 3 Is Easy

While other products require professional installation due to their extensive need for drilling and/or cutting, SLiPLO exclusive design allows you to protect your bumper without the need to drill or the use of any hardware. A single box of SLiPLO DIY kit is sufficient enough to completely protect a Tesla Model 3 bumper.