Sliplo BMW Bumper Scrape Guard - Happy Wife, Happy Life


My wife has a new BMW Series 7. It’s her first BMW and so she treats it like it’s our child. I don’t mind of course, because I treat my Mercedes the same way. The car makes her really happy, at least it did before she scratched up the front bumper… and then did it two more times. Now, she’s a smart woman and a very good driver, but she just wasn’t ready for driving a car with low ground clearance. Luckily, she’s also very type A and did the research to find the perfect solution called the BMW Bumper Scrape Guard.


My Wife and Her BMW

There is nothing more attractive to me than my wife behind the wheel of a hot car like the BMW Series 7. She really is amazing. When she first got the car she drove it so carefully, got it washed every week and covered it in the driveway. I loved it! She takes better care of her BMW than my friends who call themselves “car enthusiasts”. Unfortunately, it only took about a month before the first of three “incidents”.


The Struggle Is Real

The first time she had to get the bumper fixed, she had bottomed out on a steep driveway at our daughter’s friend’s house. She told me that she hadn’t pulled up to the house quickly at all and I believed her. Some driveways are so steep it doesn’t matter how fast you’re driving. Anyway, that week she took the car into the shop and spent about $1200 to get it looking new. She wasn’t thrilled. Two week later she was running errands, swerved to miss someone who jumped in the road and hit a pothole. Two days and another $950 later, the car was back out of the shop looking good. At this point, my wife was paranoid and more careful than ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before she met disaster in a parking garage with really high dividers. I thought she was going to shoot someone. That was the moment her type A, got to figure out a solution personality surfaced.


The BMW Bumper Scrape Guard

Well, it didn’t take long for her to find a product called the BMW Bumper Scrape Guard. It sounded perfect. It’s made of heavy-duty Polyurethane formulation specially designed to protect the bumper from steep driveway and parking curb scrapes. Of course, my wife being the shrewd businesswoman that she is, had more specific questions. By the time she hung up the phone, she had all the info available on the BMW Bumper Scrape Guard. Most important to us both was this. There is no drilling! The BMW Bumper Scrape Guard is installed using double-sided 3M Adhesive that can be removed without damage.


The Proof is in the Installation

The next day she brought her car in to the shop and had it installed in under 3 hours. When she got home it didn’t even look like anything had been done. Then I saw it underneath the bumper, but it was so unassuming that it felt like it was part of the car’s design. Anyway, it was the best thing she could’ve done. No more scratching up the bumper or wasting money on the repairs.