Looking for a Bumper Lip Protector? Here's How to Choose the Best Fit for Your Car


Whether you drive a race car or cruise in a sedan, you want your wheels to represent your personal style. Side skirts, hoods and bumpers can fulfill this need by adding a certain flair to your car. But these accessories also come with a hefty investment.


Keeping this mind, it is essential that your vehicle doesn’t only look good, but also has necessary measures in place to protect your striking accessories.


By working as a visual accessory and safety equipment, a bumper lip protector strikes a perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality. It doesn’t only protect your bumper lip, but also brings that additional sense of glamor to take your car’s design to the next level.



What Does a Bumper Lip Protector Do?


A bumper lip attaches under your car’s bumper to effectively absorb impact and shocks on the road. As a result, it saves your bumper from damage and keeps its edges from wearing out due to consistent usage.


But the features of a bumper lip don’t stop there.


Apart from acting as a shield between your bumper and the road, bumper lips also add a layer of oomph to your car. Through this easy to install accessory, your car can sport a look that’s ready for the race tracks, any time of the day.


However, with consistent usage, a car’s bumper lip itself can become prone to damage, and succumb to issues such as cracks and breakage.


Bumper lip protectors make sure that your stylish accessory retains its beauty and sturdiness for a long time.


A bumper lip protector is an adhesive or attachable accessory that goes on top of your bumper lip to give it some much needed protection. By adding a layer between your bumper lip and the objects that it’s bound to hit over your drives, bumper lip protectors extend the lifespan of your investment.


However, with a plethora of options at your disposal, it can get pretty challenging to choose a bumper lip protector. But even while being difficult, it is not impossible to choose a bumper lip protector that’s the best fit for your car.


What Kind of Bumper Lip Protectors Can You Choose From?


Bumper lip protectors come in a variety of materials that can fit the style and shape of any car.


Many of these products are available from specialized manufacturers who produce and sell pre-made bumper lip protector kits for popular cars. However, the most popular products are universal fits that can easily fix on a variety of vehicles, regardless of their make and model.


Before you start looking for these products, it is prudent to consider the following best-practices of finding these solutions.


Always Look for a Rubber-based Bumper Lip Protector


While you can find bumper lip protectors in a variety of materials, the most effective of these solutions are rubber-based. It’s because heavy duty rubber is highly shock-absorbent and impact-resistant, while also holding its own against breakage risks.


Heavy Duty Plastic Should Be Your Next Choice


In case premium rubber bumper lip protectors are too costly for you, you can turn to heavy duty plastic instead. These protectors are a step down from the protection of purpose-built rubber, but they still provide you with a comparatively high quality product within a tight budget.


Keep Your Needs in Mind


Even when you have the budget, make sure that you think about factors such as your plans of changing your car or the possibility of taking your wheels through an uneven road. This helps you make the best decision in terms of budget and keeps you away from unnecessary investments.


Understand What Kind of Protector You Need for Your Car


If your car already has a low bumper, then it’s not going to be of any use to get a 3.5 inch bumper lip protector. Similarly, if it has a high bumper, then just getting a 1 inch bumper will not give you the lowered look that you are going for. To steer clear of aesthetic issues, always keep your car’s design in mind while making your purchase.


Pay Attention to Your Needs


Even when you have the budget, make sure that you think about factors such as your plans of changing your car or the possibility of taking your wheels through an uneven road. This helps you make the best decision in terms of budget and keeps you away from unnecessary investments.


These are the Best Bumper Lip Protectors on the Market


Now that you have the important points in mind, here are the most effective types of protectors that will help you keep your stylish car safe at all times.


EZ Lip


If there’s one thing that the EZ Lip is recognized for, it’s the durability of its heavy duty rubber material.


Due to its strength and resistance, EZ Lip is one of the most popular choices in bumper lip protectors. With long-lasting adhesive, sturdy built, and optimal shock absorption, the product earns rave reviews from car owners who have used the product.


These bumper lip protectors come in two variations: EZ Lip and EZ Lip Pro.


EZ Lip comes in a 1 inch size and basic protection at a price of $34.99; while EZ Lip Pro comes with a 2 inch size and additional protection at the cost of $54.99.


Both bumper lip protectors have the same length of 8.5 feet and sport the default black color. But the 1 inch line also comes with 6 additional colors.


Depending upon your existing bumper lip, your usage, and your car, you can easily choose between either of these options. While both EZ Lips are slightly different in their final results, they can absorb shocks with minimal risk of breakage.


Both of these products are also fully customizable. This means that you can paint over them however you like, and even use them over your car’s side skirts and rear bumper.


All-Fit Automotive Universal Bumper Lip Kit


With its heavy duty rubber material, the All-Fit Automotive Universal Bumper Lip Kit provides plenty of protection and impact absorption to your car.


The All-Fit Automotive bumper lip protector is made out of the company’s proprietary, OEM- and automotive-grade material, which results in optimal safety and performance.


This bumper lip protector is available in 1.5 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.5 inch variants, with different lengths to cover your car’s front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts. It also comes in a total of six colors. However, you can still paint and customize it according to your specific needs.


The All-Fit Automotive bumper lip protector is available at the following price points:


  • $59.95 for the 1.5 inch pack.
  • $79.95 for the 2.5 inch pack.
  • $99.95 for the 3.5 inch pack.


All of these All-Fit Automotive bumper lip protectors come with a complete installation kit, which includes all the screws and rivets that you need for the installation.


The company claims to be the strongest bumper lip protector available in the market. With the high level of praise that it gets from its users, it certainly seems to deliver on its promises.


SLiPLO Bumper Scrape Guard


SLiPLO’s proprietary Polyurethane formulation gives our bumper skid plate its durability and protective qualities. It’s the same hard-wearing, high-performance material that’s used on snowplows, designed to deliver high strength, maximum cold-temperature flexibility, and exceptional hydrolysis resistance.


It’s strong, easy to install, and performs as promised to safeguard against damage. You don’t need to drill, weld, fix rivets, or cure liquid adhesive to fit SLiPLO bumper lip guard on your car. Ultra-strong 3M adhesive means that SLiPLO attaches directly to the underside of your bumper without the need to use any hardware.



The universal one size fits all notched features combined with the proper flexibility of the Polyurethane material have been designed to fit virtually any shaped bumper. The modular feature allows you to combine multiple pieces to cover any size area including bumpers, rockers, and other high impact areas.


Lemonbest Universal 2.4 Inch Bumper Lip Protector


While it is a relatively unknown name in the segment, the Lemonbest Universal 2.4 inch Bumper Lip Protector seems to be making waves with its affordable yet sturdy product.


Unlike the other two bumper lip protectors on this list, Lemonbest deviates from using a proprietary formula for its offering. Instead, it uses a tried and tested, high quality TPVC material that is fit to protect your car through its shock-absorbing properties.


The Lemonbest bumper lip protector stands apart mostly due to its easy installation and long term durability. The solution comes with everything that you need to fix it on your car in simple-to-follow steps, which makes it a delight to use. It is one of the many reasons why the product’s buyers swear by its solutions.


The Lemonbest Universal 2.4 inch bumper lip protector is available for the price of $15.99 for a length of 8.2 feet. When it comes to color options, the protector stays true to its minimalist approach and comes in a basic black color.


Overall, the Lemonbest bumper lip protector is an ideal solution if all you want is a simple way to protect your bumper. While the unavailability of customization options might be a turn off to some, the absence of clutter might just be what you are looking for.


Take Your Time While Considering Your Options in Bumper Lip Protectors


Now that you know about the most popular solutions in bumper lip protectors, you can use these insights to make a decision accordingly. But if you have any more questions or need more guidance, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to a professional.


By going through your options, you can ensure to find solutions that suit your needs in an optimal way. This allows you to purchase a bumper lip protector that fits your aesthetic, your budget, and your car in a perfect manner.


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