Car Bumper Protection Strips VS SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate

What are Car Bumper Protection Strips?

Car bumper protection strips or front lip stripes are generally made of rubber material that are installed on the front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts of a vehicle. Their main purpose is more visual then protective and will help give your car a lowered look just like a front splitter. They are easy to install and generally don’t require any type of drilling since they are applied with a double-sided adhesive. Even though these strips can help to protect the front of the lip from very minor scrapes I don’t think they will be able to last after more then a few scrapes. Generally, the rubber foam material that the stripes are made of tears very easily and will not be able to withstand repeated scrapes. Also, the fact that the product is hanging on the front more like a lip rather then being fully attached to the under carriage of the bumper means that it has a higher chance of getting ripped off during impact

Reasons Why People Install Car Bumper Protection Strips:

There is one main reason why people install it, and it is:
  • To give their car a lowered look
Other reasons are:
  • It helps to reduce the airflow under a vehicle
  • To provide very minor protection for the front lip of a bumper
  • It gives your vehicle a custom look.

What is SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate

The SLIPLO universal skid plate is made of durable, high-quality materials that would perfectly and efficiently install on your car. It is more efficient than the usual car bumper protection strips and its main purpose is to protect your bumper’s front lip from steep driveway, potholes and parking block scrapes. Here are some common differences between SLIPLO universal skid plate and car bumper protection strips.

Adhesive Failure:

In the case of adhesive failure, SLIPLO has 10 years warranty while there is none for bumper protection strips.


SLIPLO has smooth gloss black finish sporting a rounded beveled age while most car bumper protection strip comes in porous matte black rubber finish.

Tear Strength:

SLIPLO is made of very resilient blend of Polyurethane with an extremely high tear strength. It is the same tough material used on snowplows to protect the metal from the asphalt. Bumper protection strips are made of rubber foam and can easily tear when coming into contact with the asphalt. You will not be able to tear SLIPLO’s Polyurethane material using your hands while the same cannot be said for the rubber foam stripes.

Double Side Adhesive Tape:

SLIPLO makes use of 3M highest strength tape and 3M adhesive promoter to prep the surface area for a bond strength equivalent to a rivet. Most bumper protection strips use a 3M standard strength tape and some even require drilling. A common complaint on Amazon reviews of the rubber stripes is the adhesive failing after an impact.

Production Material:

The material used to make SLIPLO universal skid plate is proprietary polyurethane while that of the bumper protection strips is standard rubber foam. This accounts for SLIPLO's durability property, including extreme wear and tear strength. Also

Cold Weather Performance:

In the aspect of cold weather performance, the adhesive and polyurethane used to produce SLIPLO are designed to withstand repeated exposure to high heat and freezing temperatures. The rubber foam of the bumper protection stripes also has a wide range of temperature performance. However, depending on the type of adhesive it could have issues during and after application especially in cold weather.


SLIPLO Universal skid plates protect your car from steep driveways, parking blocks, and potholes. Car bumper protection stripes, on the other hand, are more of a lip for looks.

Tear Strength Performance:

SLIPLO stretches more than 300 percent before failure while protection strips stretch less than 25 percent before failure. That's such a great difference.

Protection of Front Lip and Bumper Underside from Asphalt Scrapes:

SLIPLO protects the front lip and bumper underside from asphalt scrapes and keeps protecting it with minimum amount of material wear. Car bumper protection strips might likely provide protection for the front lip, but it will not protect the underside of the bumper.


The price of SLIPLO universal skid plates is $175 and include free shipping and include a 10 year warranty. Protection strips range from about $25 for the cheapest versions to $75 for the high end versions and do not include any type of warranty. The only similarities between SLIPLO universal skid plates and car bumper protection strips are that they are both universal, easy to install and come as a " do it yourself kit."