Bugatti Skid Plate Protects From The Valet


I’ve been told to always park my car myself. Now why would someone say that to me? Apparently, there’s a dangerous cabal called the Valet that charges money to drive cars erratically and park them in compromising ways. Many times, friends, family and associates have found scratches, scrapes and dings when they retrieve their car. It’s tragic! It was so terrible in fact that I became a hero in my community when I discovered the solution to the Valet Cabal and their evil ways. It’s called the Bugatti Skid Plate.


Before the Bugatti Skid Plate

I used to get anxiety when I knew I was going to an event, restaurant or club for a fun night out. This wasn’t because I didn’t like fun. No, this was because I would have to spend 30 minutes looking for safe street parking. If my girlfriend came with me, I would have to drop her at the front so she wouldn’t have to walk in heels. Problem was then that she would have to wait for me or go in alone…the lesser of two evils. Bottom line, I did not feel like much of a hero back then.

A Chance Meeting

One very special night, I was driving around looking for a spot and saw a work van with the lights on. I pulled alongside and asked the driver if he was pulling out. I can still remember the smile on his face. “You’re parking a Bugatti on the street?” he chided. Was this guy making fun of me? I shrugged it off, “It’s better than letting the Valet at it.” Then I pulled back to allow him space to leave. To my surprise the driver got out of his car, walked to mine, handed me his card and said, “Call me if you ever want to stop being afraid.” I was shocked, but instead of saying anything back I just looked at his card. It said “Dr. Scrape. Designer of the Bugatti Skid Plate.” Bugatti Skid Plate, what the hell is that?


Installing the Bugatti Skid Plate


 Bugati Bumper Skid Plate

The next morning I jumped out of bed and set an appointment with Dr. Scrape at his shop in Van Nys. I live about 20 minutes north in Calabasas and head downtown for work so I’m used to the trip. Besides, if he could help me defeat the Valet Cabal it would be worth the drive. When I pulled into the shop Dr. Scrape seemed genuinely happy to see me. He immediately took me into the office to talk about my problem and his solution. It made a whole lot of sense. He called it the Bugati Skid Plate and said that installing it had made heroes of a lot of guys like me. The process was simple, inexpensive and when it was done I would never have to worry about the Valet Cabal again. I told him that I was concerned about drilling into my car and he assured me that he didn’t need to drill at all. Fantastic! A few hours later, I drove out of there with the Bugatti Skid Plate installed. It was amazing! I couldn’t really even notice it because it was installed so perfectly under the front bumper. No more worrying about the Cabal, it was a very carefree feeling. The best part was, my girlfriend and I had plans again that very night.


The Defeat of the Valet Cabal

I wish I could properly describe the look on my girlfriend’s face when I drove up to the valet and handed over my keys. That alone was worth the cost of the Bugatti Skid Plate, but it gets better. When our friends showed up for dinner my lady told them that I valet parked. They looked at me like I was insane. That’s when I told them about the Bugatti Skid Plate from Sliplo. I also said, “By the way, they make it for all high performance cars.” That’s when I truly became the hero of the night.