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Bugatti Skid Plate Protects From The Valet

I’ve been told to always park my car myself. Now why would someone say that to me? Apparently, there’s a dangerous cabal called the Valet that charges money to drive cars erratically and park them in compromising ways. Many times, friends, family and associates have found scratches, scrapes and dings when they retrieve their car. It’s tragic! It was so terrible in fact that I became a hero in my community when I discovered the solution to the Valet Cabal and their evil ways. It’s called the Bugatti Skid Plate.   Before the Bugatti Skid Plate I used to get anxiety when I knew I was going to an event, restaurant or club for a fun night out. This wasn’t...

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How I Brought the Lexus Skid Plate To The World

This is the story of a chance meeting while on vacation in the mountains of California with a man who taught me to change the world. Before you say I thing, yes I know how this sounds. When I relayed the story to friends, I was told at that it was at best a grandiose piece of fiction and at worst the ranting’s of a madman. One guy even asked if I was writing a novel and wanted to test-drive the idea before I began. That made me laugh. Fortunately for me all doubts were put to rest when I introduced the Lexus Skid Plate to the world. Big Bear Mountain It all started with a long weekend getaway to...

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I Became A Hero To My Wife with the Porsche Skid Plate

  I’m a successful man. I run a company with over 300 employees and I make a very good living doing it. I tell you this because it’s been a very long time since I’ve wanted a teacher. To be honest I’m just too used to being the authority. In case you don’t recognize it, this brand of ego is typical of a strong type A personality. The one person that has always been able to break through my ego is my wife. I’m still crazy about her and that love has driven me to my new teacher Dr. Scrape and his brilliant invention the Porsche Skid Plate. The Beginning Back when my wife and I were first married we...

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Could You Learn To Install The Corvette Skid Plate

Now what I’m about to tell you has been secret for quite a while, but I’ve just been given the authorization. The story involves an injured man, a desperate man, a Chevy Corvette z06 and the Sliplo Corvette Skid Plate. What’s amazing is that the experience came at a time in my life when I was feeling empty and without purpose. That all changed the day I rescued Dr. Scrape. Let me explain.   Chevy Corvette Skid Plate The Injured Man Let me start by saying I’m an orthopedic doctor. What does that mean? It means I specialize in the diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment of patients with skeletal deformities. I help people with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles,...

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I Stand By My Lamborghini Skid Plate By Sliplo

My earliest recollections of Dr. Scrape were back in 1978. I was just 8 years old. My older cousins would tell me tales of a mystical figure who lived in the hills and worked on the most beautiful cars ever made. Now, I loved cars even at a young age. Many long summer days would be spent reading Hot Rod magazine and playing with Hot Wheels. If you’d said to me back then that one day I would own a Lamborghini and be an apprentice to Dr. Scrape himself, I’d have said you were crazy. Well sit back, relax and let me tell you the story of a dream that came true and an invention called the Lamborghini bumper scrape...

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