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Best Skid Plate For Honda Civic

If you use your vehicle for the purposes it is made for, the best skid plate option is your Honda Civic’s factory engine cover plate, also known as the engine splash shield. Where many vehicles come with fragile skid plates without many purposes besides keeping water away from your engine, Honda Civic’s factory engine cover plate is of higher quality.

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Sliplo BMW Skid Plate - The Pain of the Pothole

You did it didn’t you? You just bought the 2019 BMW i8 that you’ve been salivating forever since they released the specs. I get it. Every time I buy a new car, it’s the love of my life for at least a year or two. (Don’t tell my wife). Let me guess, you’ve run more errands since you bought your car than you have in the last 5 years combined. Why not? Everything looks better when you’re driving your dream car. Until… SCRAPE!!! That pothole just jumped out in the road and found you didn’t it? Don’t feel too bad we’ve all been there, but I found a solution called the BMW Skid Plate. Have I touched a nerve? Then...

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Sliplo Ford Skid Plate - Protection From Bad Road Conditions

  Do you know what the biggest complaint I hear from luxury car owners is? Take a guess. It’s not engine trouble, expensive repairs or even gas prices. The number one complaint I hear is bad road conditions. Surprised? I own a repair shop and 2 body shops and I can tell you with certainty that bad road conditions are the worst. Why? Well because most performance cars are low to the ground and therefore more susceptible to bad roads. You know what I’m talking about right? Honestly, I got sick of hearing the whining. Finally I did some research for a customer and discovered the Ford Skid Plate that solved his problem. At first I thought, great I talked...

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Sliplo BMW Bumper Scrape Guard - Happy Wife, Happy Life

  My wife has a new BMW Series 7. It’s her first BMW and so she treats it like it’s our child. I don’t mind of course, because I treat my Mercedes the same way. The car makes her really happy, at least it did before she scratched up the front bumper… and then did it two more times. Now, she’s a smart woman and a very good driver, but she just wasn’t ready for driving a car with low ground clearance. Luckily, she’s also very type A and did the research to find the perfect solution called the BMW Bumper Scrape Guard.   My Wife and Her BMW There is nothing more attractive to me than my wife behind...

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How War Advances Technology - The Audi Skid Plate

War is a terrible truth in our world, but sometimes we can find the good if we look closely. I was just 18 when I learned that some of our greatest achievements in medicine and technology come from war. One such minor miracle indirectly led to a product I have installed on my car today called the Audi Skid Plate. Why? Because I got tired of scraping up the bottom of my beautiful new car and paying thousands each time it happened. More on that later. Let’s backtrack a little and I’ll tell you how all this started.   A Little History Believe it or not, it all began during the Vietnam War. You see, US military helicopters crashed when...

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